Best Electric Scooter to buy in 2018 (Updated May)

With the current talks on the effect of climate change on the environment, there has been a surge in technological solutions that mitigate its negative influences. Among these many inventions is the electric scooter, so for this today we are going to write the article related to the Best Electric Scooter For kids.

The electric scooter has become quite a fad across several age groups, from children, teens to adults. They come designed with a diversity of specifications such as weight it can handle, to the distance it can cover, color, etc. Getting a Best electric scooter for kids today can quite a herculean task but we presented this article to help you easily cross that bridge. By the end of this article you have made up your mind to get to the nearest electronic store to buy the best electric scooter for kids, teens, or adults, that money can buy, 2018 does not have a long boring year, getting any of our recommended scooters would make it a fun year! Here’s a list of Best Electric Scooter for kids which contains the best Best Electric Scooters after an extensive research we have finalized it here for you.

What are electric scooters?

Electric scooters basically scooter powered by a motor and battery. As the name implies, they powered by electricity. They are easy to use and maintain, also eco-friendly. To use one, one simply has to use the start button on the handle, and they are ready to go in no time. No need for driving lessons and what not.

How are they different from traditional scooters?

We distinguish an electric scooter from a usual scooter by the following few points:

  1. Alternating current from a power source gets an electric scooter going. A traditional scooter runs on gasoline or fuel.
  2. An electric scooter (ES) has a simple build comprising of a few controls and a motor connected to a battery power source. A traditional scooter (TS) on the other hand has an engine placed around its build.
  3. An ES does not require any training to begin using whereas a TS may need lots of practice and some expertise before they can be taken out for a ride.

1: Razor E100: Best Electric Scooter for 8 year Old Kids

The Razor bike is a minimal folding scooter developed by Micro Mobility Systems. More than 5 million bicycles were sold merely in just six months after its initial launch in 2005. On the off chance that you are searching for a fun and reasonable electric bike for your 7 or 8-year-old kid, at that point I should prescribe you to go for Razor E100 model. The Razor mark is a standout amongst the most prevalent kids’ electric bikes producing organization in the market.

They are easy to fold and carry with you. Due to its durability and comfortable structure you can take these scooters for trips, indoor sports and so on. The Razor E100 is appropriate for kids and Indoor purposes. You can travel even long distances utilizing an Electric Bicycle. These days the electric versatility scooter is used for every day and frank transportation reason.

The Razor E100 series offers the speed up to 10mph, enough to make your kid delighted. Don’t over speed kid; you might get caught by the traffic police buddy.

Starting the E100 electric bike is not a difficult procedure; your kid should know merely to give the toy a light kick. This simple start-up process diminishes the chances of speeding up too early which could be unsafe for your young ones.

With the high torque, chain-driven engine and twist grip throttle, the bike will give your children no less than 40 minutes of endless fun with most extreme speed. So kids, what’s more, exciting than to visit your grandmom, who lives just half an hour away from your home.

The Razor electric bike E100 comes with simple and clear directions. Likewise incorporated into the package are assembly devices, a rechargeable battery, and a charger. The eight hour charging time can utilize further bolstering your good fortune.

As far as control, the handlebars work fantastic in moving the bike. Ultimately, the 8-inch pneumatic front tire and the 4.9-inch urethane raise tire to encourage greatest power exchange.


With initial charge time 12 hours, simple kick-start the motor, long-lasting rechargeable battery, hand operated rear brake, and twist grip acceleration control, no one can refuse to buy this pretty toy. Giving gift not always need occasions, parents can dot upon their kids by presenting them gifts. So show your love to your kid and give them the best electric scooter.

2: Razor Pocket Mod :  (Best Electric Scooter For Kids)

Another masterpiece by Razor Company is Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter. The Razor’s Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is a vintage-roused display that is intended for clients thirteen years and up. The bike includes a weight utmost of a hundred and seventy pounds and comes in an extensive variety of hues.

The best feature, which I liked the most, is that the scooter is designed with a durable electric motor which gives a stylish look.  Lucky are those kids who get a ride on the Razor electric scooter with its striking features.

It will be an immaculate Self Balancing electric bike for the children over 13+. It can tolerate the rider’s weight up to 220 pounds. The most exciting thing is, it can is appropriate for the two guardians, kids as it can hold more weight. Along these lines, the two children and grown-ups can play around with Razor stash mod electric bike. It has a cushioned seat, Bell, and Handlebar streamers. As the tires outlined with the 12″ pneumatic uncommon and front wheels, you have a smooth and agreeable ride. It is conceivable to go for long drives on a single charge.

If you blessed with baby girls, then it is the best gift from you to your daughter. The Pocket Mod gives each young lady with an eye for style and passion for fun. Vintage-roused styling meets elite with the exemplary Italian bike outline. Admired in Newsweek, TIME and Teen Vogue, the Pocket Mod comes in a few beautiful hues and even incorporates a capacity compartment under the seat.

How to Manage Razor Pocket Scooter

The scooter utilizes a twenty-four volt fixed lead acid battery that is rechargeable. Be that as it may, the battery itself is ready to keep going for thirty to forty-five minutes before another charge is required. The bicycle itself can reach up to fifteen miles hour. Be that as it may, the battery and motor make this model feel excessively overwhelming, so the client must have astounding equalization before riding long separations.

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The steel outline guarantees that the bicycle’s body will keep going for a considerable length of time while additionally minimizing chances for erosion and rust. The body itself is light and genuinely simple to amass. The bike utilizes a twist grasp increasing speed, taking into consideration easy acceleration.


In simple words, Razor’s Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter is a unique mix of style and utility. Customers who acquired Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter gave it a rating of four out of five stars for convenience and support, general quality and the fun riding experience it offers.

3: Razor E300S : (Electric Scooter For 13 Years Old) 

Well, on our list of top best electric scooters, the same company grasp third in line. One can check the product’s popularity with the comments, and rating product got. As per its maker, the Razor E300 is considered as the speediest of the various electric bikes created and sold by Razor. It is adapted towards older teenager people and grown-up riders. Like this, it can carry passengers who weigh 220 pounds. The deck and edges are likewise supersized to suit riders who are no less than 13 years of age.

Battery life on this unit is enough for ordinary utilization and comparable to what you would expect from a quality Razor item. You get up to 40 minutes of constant utilize, depending upon the riding conditions, so the range maximizes at around 10 miles. With a charge time of approximately 12 hours, it is appropriate for taking into the workplace and charging amid the work day, if you didn’t entirely deplete the battery in transit. It’s likewise essential that the batteries are lead-corrosive, as aren’t under threat of combusting during charging or use.

Among one of the best electric scooter, Razor E300 weighs around 52 pounds and controlled by two or three 12-volt lead-acid batteries. It would take about eight hours to charge the batteries completely. At the point when used consistently, the bike can work up to 45 minutes.


The feature I liked the most is that it gives you the flexibility to ride the bike while positioned on the seat or you can remove it to ride as a stand-up scooter. This element included the comfort of grown-up riders and is missing in numerous competing models.

The electric scooter additionally designed in such a way that its clients won’t engage in accidents while riding it. It has an extensive footplate with anti-slip surface. It additionally has easy-to-hold handles, and with a twist grip speeding up control, it is less demanding for riders to control their speed.

The bike is controlled by a high torque, a chain-driven engine which empowers it to zoom to as high as 15 miles for each hour. The tires are intended to help the bike in carrying grown-ups and young people, with its additional broad 10-inch measure giving a smooth ride.


When you’re scanning for the best electric bicycle for adults, try to explore the Razor E300 or E300S. This speedy electric bicycle is particular to be a good time for the grown-ups and kids, and the range guarantees that this unit is fantastic for something other than fun. This bicycle has various color choices for the two genders for young women pink electric bicycle model might be the most popular anyway it in like manner comes in Black and Gray.

4: Maxtra E120: Electric Scooter For 6 year kids:

The competition for best electric scooters is not over yet. We have another competitor in the market. Let’s see what Maxtra E120 electric scooter offers to its customers. In case you’re searching for a fun activity for your kid to do, at that point, you should need to consider getting an electric bike. Riding an electric bike is a simple and energizing action any child can appreciate.

Kids can without much of a stretch jump on board and go where they need to go. It’s a simple method to make a trip starting with one place then onto the next, gave that it’s just a short distance. Children who haven’t mastered riding a bicycle can begin with an electric bike.


The first feature which indeed is a bit better than other similar products is its runtime. At the point when contrasted with alternate Brands Electric Scooters, the runtime of a battery is 40 or 45 minutes while Maxtra Electric Scooter gives you the run time of 60 minutes. It means you can have a 1-hour consistent ride on Maxtra Kids Electric Scooter. Wow, kids have fun. You have extra 20 minutes as compared to those who have similar products with 45 minutes run time.

The Maxtra E120 is a guaranteed bike that has CE Certification and RoHS. Maxtro E120 met EU purchaser security and all its lawful necessities. The Maxtra E120 isn’t just sold in the US yet also to nations in Europe.

If we talk about the durability of the product, then this electric scooter is made up of high-quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting. Its T-handle is made of steel with aluminum to secure plenty help and withstand sudden pressure. It can support any kid or young person up to 160 lbs. in weight.

Well on the off chance that you are arranging the treks, summer camps or a cookout than you will be happy to realize that you can take your dearest Maxtra E120 with you anyplace. You can without much of a stretch adjust and fold its handlebars for simple stockpiling. It has a kid-sized deck and frame that makes it little and easy to carry. It’s a light electric scooter any youngster won’t experience issues utilizing.


The Maxtra E120 is an incredible electric bike anybody will appreciate. It has a sturdy quality and easy to operate. It’s a decent brand to invest on when you’re searching for an inexpensive electric bike. With its affordability and longevity, you will undoubtedly need to purchase more than one bike from Maxtra.

5: Razor E300 Electric Scooter: (Expensive But Worth it):

The Razor E300 Electric Motorized Scooter is for the teenage or adult who loves to cruise around town with swag. It runs on a smart battery system of 24 V lead-acid cells and has a high torque, a chain is driven motor which goes all out up to 15 mph.


  • Short charge time and long battery life
  • It is very easy to set up for a first time use and requires little or no expertise.
  • Excellent speed range for a product with such a price.
  • It is large enough to accommodate two adults.
  • Retractable stand.


  • It powers off on slopes.
  • Quite pricey.


6: Mini Kick 3 Wheel Scooter– (Very Adjustable Scooter):

This three-wheel is the ideal gift for a 2-5-year-old. It teaches balance and increases activity level which is crucial to childhood development. It provides a fun childhood experience with its Triangular 3-Point ABS system featuring two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back. Also, it features ABEX-5 chrome steering for a smooth and easy to operate controls. It is made of high-quality Aluminum.


  • It has an adjustable handlebar to custom fit your child’s height.
  • It can easily detach for storage and carry.
  • When a driver rides it, the front wheels light up.


  • It has to push with the free leg to drive.


7: Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro– (Comfortable Scooter to buy):

This moped style electric scooter by Razor is for the trendy and stylish girl with a fun attitude. It has a storage compartment under the seat for personal effects. When fully charged, the 12V powered scooter will run for up to 30 minutes and run at 15 miles per hour. It has a stylish vintage look.


  • Both tires have pneumatic designs for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • A padded seat for comfort.


  • Battery runs out quickly.
  • Lack of headlights, horn or flag to alert people on the way.


8: Razor E100 Electric Scooter(Very Adjustable)

The Razor E100 is for the overly protective parent of 8-12-year-olds who is comfortable with its maximum speed of 10 mph. It is a high-quality electric scooter with a twist handle throttle and hand-operated front brake.


  • A very adjustable handlebar.
  • Retractable kickstand.


  • Short battery life.


9: Razor E125 – ( Most Stylish Scooter 2018):

The E125 is a sleek electric scooter with high torque chain is driven motor and twist-grip throttle. Cruising up to only 10 mph and a battery run time of 40 minutes continuous use, children aged eight years and older are its recommended users.


  • Better durability than the E100.
  • Short assembly time after purchase.


  • Riding on a steep hill will run the battery out.
  • It has to be pushed to reach 3 mph before it starts.


10: Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket – ( Best Electric Motocross Bike)

The MX350 built for off-road riders with its authentic dirt bike frame geometry and a high-torque, variable speed motor. It is large pneumatic tires, combined with 24V sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries, gives speeds up to 14 mph and 40 minutes of continuous use.


  • It can climb steep hills.
  • Retractable kickstand.


  • Poor battery life.



11: Razor MX500 Rocket -(Comfortable Scooter):

The Razor MX500 is an upgrade of its MX350 counterpart and for a bit older target market. It carries persons weighing up to 220 lbs and features a three 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system, a top speed of 17 mph, and 40 minutes of continuous use after a charge time of 12 hours.


  • Ten-year-olds too can ride it.
  • Dual suspension for comfort.


  • Heavyweight at 100 pounds.

12: Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter – DLX The (All Age Scooter):

The Razor Power Wing looks cool, trendy with a sophisticated appearance that makes it appealing to children, teenagers, and adults alike. It is a fun trick scooter, driven by performing kick outs, side drifts, and spin-outs. Drivers can lean towards the right or left to perform 360 degrees spins. The handles made with foam grips and removable stability bars.


  • It is versatile across different age groups.
  • Its front hand operated brake ensures safety when the battery runs out.


  • It does not move fast.
  • Not ideal for uphill movements.


6 things to look out for before buying a scooter

  1. Type of scooter: you should first determine the purpose of the scooter. Is it for the daily commute, for fun or professional racing? That would help you figure out what type to buy.
  2. Range (miles): This has to do with how much distance the electric scooter can cover before running out of power after a full charge. How far the machine can go should also put into consideration.
  3. Speed (mph): This may not be a strong deciding factor, but it is still relevant to fine-tune your choice.
  4. Maximum weight capacity: how much do you weigh and how much weight can your intended scooter comfortably carry? You do not have to worry much about this if it is a child you are buying it. But for an adult, more thought and investigation should do before
  5. Battery backup (time): This has to do with how long the scooter lasts after continuous use. Usually, this is around 30-40 minutes. You may want to choose an electric scooter with a longer battery life for a pleasurable experience.
  6. Price: How large is your budget? Logically, highly priced products would perform better, but with proper analysis, one would discover scooters that do very well on a medium sized budget. In doing this, try not to comprise your desirable features.


From the above article, it will be easy for you to choose the best electric scooter for kids and adults. Perhaps you know of other best Electric Scooters we did not discuss here, please drop them in the comments. We can’t wait to read your thoughts! We hope you like our list of Best Electric Scooters but if you have any question related to this article please feel free to ask in the comment below….Have A Nice Day…!!!!!

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