As we discussed before that some people may use this for Photoshop, Content writer, video editing and do productive work, and even doing visual effects using Adobe After Effects. And they may start to mess with them a little bit of the 3D modeling programs and they may utilize them like that. And for their purposes, they don’t really have to go that route. But if that’s what you are doing then these recommendations will certainly help you to in Best laptop 2018 

We hope that our guide will help you in making the right decision or making your choice easy when you are going to get a laptop.

Best Laptop 2018 Brands:

Do you know how many companies are manufacturing laptops?

There are a lot of them. Here we will discuss the top ten brands of laptop manufacturing companies.

1: Apple- United States:

The best laptop which is on the market is the Apple. It gives all the updated version of the technology used to make the laptop. The motherboard provided with it is the best of all other laptops. Its price is quite high as we all know that all the excellent quality products come expensive in the market. If you want the best for you, then Apple is the best choice for you.

2: ASUS-Taiwan:

If we talk about well-known brands, high-quality components, affordable price, then ASUS is one of the famous for their high-quality parts and affordable laptops. The price range of ASUS laptops is from $300 to $ 3000. The high-end models are aimed at those users who have a big budget for getting a laptop. The design is solid and pretty straightforward.

3: Dell-United States:

If you want a perfect brand of the laptop, which has unbelievable performance and after sales services then Dell comes first. Del is a renowned brand, and that has been designing laptops for masses in different price ranges. If you are in search of a laptop that worth the money you spend, you can go with Dell.

4: Lenovo-China:

The design of Lenovo laptops tends to be gray or dark and nondescript. Yes, they lack in style but come with high built quality. They are probably renowned for quality components and hardware. These Laptops are reliable and last for the longer span of time.

5: Acer-Taiwan:

Acer is ranked as one of the leading laptop brands and is highly recognized by the public, and it is common to see Acer devices at the internal cafe. Whether you want utility, ultimate portability or simplicity than you can go with Acer.

6: Sony-Japan:

Sony VAIO laptop has gained lots of reputation from the users. The latest models are simplistic and sleep and facilitate touch screens to support windows 8. Sony laptops are dependable, and its functions are advertised. It will be a good idea to invest in Sony laptops.

7: Samsung-South Korea:

Samsung has garnered a lot of reputation in the last few years for their products Samsung has been manufacturing laptops in different price ranges from $249 to $1399. Whether you are on tight budget or have enough money. You can get the one that can gratify your needs.

8: Hewlett Packard (HP)- United States:

If we talk about the laptop, HP is one of the most recognized and valuable brands. HP offers the laptops with a balanced combination of style and functionality. These products are higher ranged among the laptop users. HP products are aimed towards a wide range of consumers.

9: Toshiba-Japan:

Toshiba is one of the most popular laptop brands that manufactures and provides laptops in different price ranges. Toshiba products are more understandable and come with boxy designs that’s seems to be unstylish. However, the hardware components are of very high quality, and the bundled components will never get in your way.

10: MSI-Taiwan:

MSI Laptops are well known for dedicated graphics cards and high-quality motherboards, but now they have entered into the laptop manufacturing. They may be not the right choice for the people on the tight budget, but their products have high-quality components. MSI laptops are available from $1000 to $1500 in price and if we look at the quality of this product than they are pretty reliable in these range of prices.

Now next we will categorize or divide the types of laptop according to the requirements of different users, like the laptop for the writer, Laptop for video editing etc. First, we will make outlines for such kind of categories that we are going to define. And then we will explain each type or category in details with at least three laptops for such category manufactured by different brands. So, let us first write down the list.

  1. Laptop for writers
  2. Laptops for Photoshop & video editing
  3. Laptop for Kids
  4. Laptop for Music
  5. Best Laptop for programmers
  6. Laptop for gamers

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Okay then, now we will explain each type of laptop with at least three model of each. And the first one is obviously Laptop for writers. Let’s have a look at that.

1 Laptop for writers:

If you are a writer or you are in a job like a journalist, where writing is a big part of your post, and you are looking for a good laptop that will fulfill your needs of writing, then you are on the exact road where you want your destiny 😉

We have reviewed the very best laptops for writers in this article, and you writers will love them believe us. Now we will first point out the needs what a journalist or writer needs in a laptop which makes their writing easy and smooth. And in this scenario the things that have to be kept in mind when a writer or journalist is going to get the laptop for themselves. The things that must be considered are below:

  • Keyboard must be smooth and comfortable for fingers. We mean that it should feel like relaxing your figures instead of getting tired.
  • The screen must be easy to read and clear one.
  • The battery life must be long enough.
  1. It must be slim and has a compact design that will allow you to take your laptop with you where ever you go.

So the above mention points are very important because you will be mainly using your laptop for like MS Word and research, it means you don’t need the most cutting-edge components. This will help you to keep the price of your laptop as much low as possible.

Additionally, if you are not a full-time writer, journalist, author, it does not mean you are not writing a lot for your job. Most other things like emails, reports, presentations all require a laptop, and it must be comfortable to write on.

  1. Here we will give you a comparison that will help you to buy each one for the absolute cheapest price, so you do not have to search the web for comparing costs, we will cover that part for you here as well.

Laptop for Photoshop and Video Editing

It can be complicated to name specific models of laptops for Photoshop because companies manufacture new releases, different models of laptops, every couple of weeks. So we will talk about particular lines of laptops, but you will need to understand what traits of laptops look for. Like SSD versus standard conventional hard drives and how much memory to get and then we can guide you in the right direction, but we will talk about some specific makes of different laptops and help you find the correct laptop just for you.

Mac Or Windows OS:

We think the first decision you have to make is to decide if you want a Mac or PC or even a Chromebook. Ok, we will first talk about Chromebook.

Chromebooks do not run Adobe Apps.  So you cannot run Photoshop or even Lightroom on Mac OS. It means that they are not right for the vast majority of photographers. They can be capable of running different things like you can run your email and browse the web. You can use web-based photo editing apps, they include some photo functioning but pretty much if you have gotten this far, and you are looking for an app tool specifically for photo and video editing you want either Windows or Mac, and it won’t make much of a difference.

We have to disclose that anyone who had worked with Microsoft for like 10 to 12 years writing many books about them. So that person would be more familiar with windows instead of Mac, and for that reason, he/she will choose windows PC’s ultimately the operating system does not make much of a difference nowadays.  Windows is quite secure Mac OS has a lot of security vulnerabilities, they both have just as many flaws as strengths the old stereotypes that you probably had about windows Versus Mac.

They for the most part just don’t seem to exist anymore but if you prefer Mac go for it. We will say that windows PCs you tend have a lot more options and used, and you can often find more bang for the buck but Mac laptops those power books they have some fantastic specs usually and great displays. So basically whichever you want but by default, we would probably steer you towards windows laptop because it tends to be more value for your money.

Screen Size:

After you decided Mac versus Windows, your next decision is going to be the screen size. As “bigger is always better” a big 17-inch screen will always be going to be better for photos and video editing then a small 10 inch or 13 inches screen but of course you then have taken that with you everywhere you happen to go. If you are traveling a lot we recommend the small screen, we would not ever go smaller then a 13-inch screen, but we like Dell XPS 13 for travel. If you use like the MacBook Air’s you will find that they have a similar profile but this folds up very nice and it can fit in just about any camera bag including all those camera messenger bags.

It’s not the most powerful laptop because these laptops are optimized for size rather than performance. The fact that you can carry with you ever everywhere means you might choose to take it with you on vacation and get some photo editing done or at least review them to make sure you got the shot, and for that reason small laptop like that is handy.

For day to day use we push people bigger, 14-inch laptops are a compromise, but for day to day work, we prefer 15-inch laptop. As you are working up close, that’s about as big as you want to get. When you are traveling then these sizes of the screen tends to be a problem even when you are sitting on the couch you only can’t push them far enough away from you. So you end up the scrunched up like that, especially when the guy in front of you leans his seat way back. So The size here actually can be a detriment, but if you spend most of your time working on your desk keeping it on your Lap just travel to and from work, then 15-inch laptop tend to be the way to go.

17 inch laptops are great but it finds even for just generally going from working back they can be a bit cumbersome also they are few and far between so you might not see 17-inch laptop with the specs you want. Companies tend to make their most potent and most value-oriented laptops in 15-inch size but not of the 17-inch size.

Screen Resolution:

After screen size, screen resolution becomes essential especially for these specific types of tasks like Photoshop and video editing because how high-resolution screen means you can see more detail in your pictures and you don’t have to spend as much time zooming in and out to check the resolution. It also means things like the tools in Photoshop and premieres Pro and Lightroom you can fit more than on the screen.

High-resolution screens are better, in the past when you choose the high-resolution screen it meant that you had to go down to vary all your letters on the screen would end up being very small, and you would end up having to squint. That’s not the case with the modern Windows and Mac OS including the Adobe apps. Some of you have the most recent versions of them.

They will scale up the size of visual elements mostly to make them bigger, so you don’t necessarily to do a tiny type instead what happens is you get nice smooth like paper-like quality to the text as well as additional detail to your eyes. Now there are about 17 nerds right now writing a comment saying all you can perceive 4K detail your eye can’t see beyond 300 dpi so why would you ever need it.

Well, you might not be able to see every single pixel on these 4K display, but you can see more than one step down, so one step down from 4K tends to be a 1080p screen and for a screen size like that it’s pretty close to a 100 or 150 dpi. So even if you can’t see all the pixels, it will still look much more beautiful, and you would notice if you took one step down that you wouldn’t have nearly as much sharpness and we have to make a point that 4K does not always mean 4K.

So if you want to buy a laptop specifically for watching a 4K video, you also need to think about the performance of it stepping up to like Toshiba Satellite S model laptop. It’s plenty fast enough with its Core i7 processor and discrete graphics to be able to playback full 4K video. So it works much better for that purpose.


The processor in Laptops are essential, and something to look out for is a lot of laptops will have extremely low in there we think because the manufacturer knows that a lot of laptop buyer’s don’t know how to select a processor that they need. Now for the average person just browse the web checks their email Reddit or whatever the processor does not matter, but if you are doing photo and video editing, then the processor will be very very important especially for video editing there is no such thing as a processor that is faster than you need.

You need the fastest processor you can get, and you will still be frustrated with the speed if you are doing video editing even if you have a desktop.

So right now they are making laptops windows laptop with i3, i5 or i7 processors those are Intel processors, different families, that the higher numbers are faster. And if you are doing video and photo editing, we have to steer you towards one of the i7 processors. Beyond that you have to look at the number for the specific processor to determine kind of how fast it’s going to be but here is what we recommend. Go to CPU and look at the benchmarks there for the specific processor that you are considering in a laptop and how it compares to others. That’s the best way to understand the kind of RAW processing capability.

We do want to mention though the laptops are not good at doing long time processing. So a faster processor here will help you flip through lightroom picking different pictures but if you want to do is video rendering and premier Pro where the computer needs to just churn for two hours. Laptops are never going to be good at that, because laptops are designed to conserve power, and they also can’t dissipate heat as efficiently as a desktop. So what will happen is if they are working hard for an extended period, the temperature will build up the laptop might not be able to dissipate it and then it will begin to slow down.

So the estimate for your rendering time will start at 30 minutes or 60 minutes, but by the time it’s done it will have been four hours because 20 minutes in the laptop will start to get too hot, and it will slow itself down a little bit and just something to look out for. It’s one of the reasons that you might want a desktop over a laptop of you are doing that sort of a long-running work.

As you are looking at the processors, you will have a choice between processors with more cores and higher megahertz rating. The megahertz is the measurement of the actual operating speed of the processor, and that’s the most critical thing for photo editing. Apps specifically Lightroom don’t make efficient use of multiple cores. What you can think of various cores is like having two engines in a single car and the megahertz rating as being the horsepower of the engine. So when you look at the CPU benchmarks that we mentioned before, that will be the cumulative power of the multiple engines times all the horsepower that they have, but something like Lightroom will only often only use a single engine.

So in that case, if you can take only the advantage of the single-engine a single core then you will get more performance out of a higher megahertz rating. Just something to consider, if you get the choice between a 4 or 6 core processor at a lower megahertz rating or if a processor with fewer cores higher megahertz rating, go ahead and choose that one with the fewer cores with the purpose of Photoshop. If you are doing video editing, we find premier Pro, in particular, makes better use of multiple cores. It will max out all the cores on the computer. So go ahead and pick that one of the higher benchmarks even if it means it also has more cores.

Hard Drive:

A hard drive is a critical component of any computer. Most computers now a day’s unusually low in laptops will come with what might be label an HDD or conventional magnetic hard drives. It’s a type of hard drive we have been using for 20 years in computers. It has literally like spinning magnetic platters and a little needle and a head that reads the data off by using magnets and by standards they are extremely slow.

They also have what we called a high latency which is the time it takes for the computer to find any individual bit of data because they are physically spinning around when you go to open up a picture. The computer needs to find the first byte of that picture, so it needs to wait for that drive to spin around to the point, where that first byte gets on the head. That’s what takes a long time with the latency of the data that time for that drive to spin around up to almost a full revolution. SSD’s, on the other hand, are the solid-state drives that don’t have to wait they are basically like RAM; you can get instant access to any part of the data.

They also tend to have a high throughput so you will always get higher performance out of SSD’s. Unfortunately, SSD’s are available in lower capacities, and they tend to be at higher price tags. So for a photo or video editing if you use a conventional hard drive it will be slow on especially if you are shooting raw images. It will be slow on any computer. The other reason we strongly urge you to get a laptop with an SSD inside of it.

You will get much better performance even if you have to compromise on some other aspect of it, get an SSD. You have to choose a computer with a slower processor, or a less memory get one with an SSD. Whatever, you have to do get yourself into an SSD. Of course, there is something between these two which is a hybrid drive. A hybrid drive is a conventional magnetic hard drive but has some portion of the drive set aside to work like an SSD.

Some smaller capacity of it like it might be a 2 terabyte drive with like 64 gigs or 128 gigs of SSD and that can be a good compromise. But the operating system manages what’s on the SSD part of it what gets that high-performance benefit, and usually, they are specifically designed around making your computer reboot faster. So it will be your operating system with cram the SSD of it, so for that reason, we don’t necessarily push people towards those hybrids that are they are better than nothing, but we want you to be on a full SSD.

Now we usually see most of these laptops have a single hard drive but if you are looking for something to do photo or video editing you are want to go to try to find a laptop with multiple hard drives like Toshiba Satellite S.


Wireless networking is essential for a laptop because that’s how you will connect most of the time and especially if you are doing video editing where you might be uploading. You know a four-gigabyte file to Youtube you want network performance to be as fast as possible. Nowadays you should look for the 802 11 AC network standard. It is the fastest available to the consumers, and indeed it is very fast and is good enough. Also, it is probably faster than your average internet connection. So it probably won’t be the bottleneck this will also be important too if you are moving files between your laptop and another computer we do that a lot to move files from our desktop to our laptops.

Now when you are moving terabytes of your data, it can take a long time, and so faster networks are going to benefit from that they will also help if you have your wireless access point close to where you are working because the farther away they are, the slower it gets.

Anyway just look at 802 11 AC networking anything else is going to be a little bit slower. Nowadays, we also have cellular connections available which mean they can get internet access from anywhere that will cost you a little something extra. You will have to pay for the cellular card in the laptop you also have to have a service subscription from a wireless provider. So there will be a monthly fee, and this can end up costing a whole lot. So you can do that if that’s important to you if you are traveling all the time you should get that because connectivity is really important.

Ram Memory:

RAM is essential for both photo editing and video editing but primarily for video editing. 4 gigabytes is minimum, if you have just four gigs of RAM and having a conventional magnetic drive, then your computer will be painfully slow. For the most part, you want to have at least eight gigs of RAM, having 16 gigs of RAM even for Lightroom is not too much you will benefit from it. If you are doing photo editing or video editing especially the 4K video, more is always better.

Video Card & GPU:

Some laptops will have either graphics which means the graphics card, the card that runs your monitor it can be built onto the motherboard and that’s the least expensive way to do it. So most laptop has that integrated graphics and for photo editing that perfectly fine. That’s probably what you want to be looking for, more powerful laptops will have what they call discrete graphics the lists a little separate memory card video card, and that’s great for playing back 4K video. Can be a necessity for playing back 4K video but mainly for video editing because video editing apps will offload a lot of stuff to the graphics card.

Now the most recent version of Lightroom and Photoshop 2 can send some things over to the graphics card they can offload it, but we find especially with a laptop, so that slows performance. So maybe in the future Adobe will get their act together and take advantage of the ability to send stuff off to the graphics card but right now we just recommend everybody turn it off therefore for just photo editing we would not look for the discrete graphics card.

Editor’s Choice Laptops for Photoshop & video editing:

So what is the best laptop for video editing and photo editing?

Well with so many laptops to choose from we will go to share the best for video editing and photo editing. As video editing is more heavy kind of a thing and photo editing is bit lighter as we look for the specification of a laptop by the processor, Ram, etc. So for the ease of customer, we will divide them into two parts, one is Photoshop editing laptops, and the other is video editing laptops. The best Photoshop laptops will be under $750, so we will share our 3 best choices for Photoshop laptops, and similarly, we will then share the 3 best video editing laptops separately, but they would be bit expensive than those of Photoshop laptops.

So the persons who want to buy a laptop for only photo editing then it would be helpful for them to buy a budget laptop as low as $750 and may be less than that. Alternately if a person is interested in purchasing a laptop which is best for video editing, so it will help them choose the best one for themselves. But these laptops will be better for photo editing as an advantage for customers as the video editing laptops are more powerful instead of the laptops that are only designed for photo editing. So following are the 3 best Photo editing and 3 best video editing laptops explained.

Best Laptop for Photoshop Editor’s Choice:

Let’s first go through Photoshop system requirements so that we can choose the correct one especially for photoshop.

  • A Photoshop laptop must have 2 GHz or faster processor.
  • The operating system should be windows 7 with service pack 1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
  • RAM must be at least 4GB but we will recommend 8GB for better performance.
  • 2.6GB of hard disk space must be available for 32-bit installation and 3.2GB of hard disk space is required for 64-bit installation.
  • Recommended display is 1280 x 800 but if less than at least 1024 x 768 with 16-bit color and 512 MB of dedicated VRAM of 2GB is recommended.’
  • OpenGL 2.0 – capable system.

Best Laptop for Video Editing Editor’s Choice:

The video editing software’s requires the powerful Processor, RAM and more peripherals for the best workout from the machine. Here we will share 3 best picks of laptops that may be used especially for video editing. These laptops can be used for photo editing as well and will give the power boost to photoshop as compare to photo editing laptops as we share above in the editor’s pick for the photoshop laptops. And obviously, the video editing laptops will be more expensive as compared to photo editing laptops. So let’s have a close look at these video editing laptops we picked for you.

Laptop for Kids:

You know your kid well if you think your kid is ready for a laptop as they may already using desktop computers at home and school or maybe they are using the laptop at school, and they are encouraged or allowed by the school to start using the laptop at home. Then it’s your job as a parent to provide the one for your kid.

So when you are going to buy a laptop for your kid, you first need some guidelines before purchasing the laptop and that instruction to select the best one for your child is our responsibility. So we will here guide you which one is the best one for your kid.

First of all, we will suggest that you must keep in your mind your kid’s age. If your kid is 12 years or less than12 years old, you should have a laptop which is lightweight, and its display should not be more than 12 inches. If your kid is a teenager, then they are okay with the large screen laptop.

Further, we will suggest that do not spend more than $500 on a laptop for your kid as they will drop or outgrow. So it will be the waste of money if you buy the expensive one.

The other point we want to suggest that is the operating system. Keeps that operating system installed on the system by which your kid is comfortable, and apparently, you should know that what operating system is installed on the school computers. By doing this, your kid will be comfortable with it. Chromebooks are dead simple if we talk about OS. But they are not that functional as MAC and Windows OS. So MAC or Windows OS will be a good choice.

Other suggestion from our side is that you must buy the laptop which is durable as well. So that they can survive bumps, drops, and spills. This would be a significant a benefit when you are going to buy the laptop for your kid.

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Laptop For Music Production:

It’s a very tuff job to decide what computer is best for your music production. Which one is right for you and your music production, we will guide you in making your decision about your Music production laptop more comfortable for you that will make your choice accessible and more comprehensive.

Right let’s start with the first thing to consider is that finalize your decision that you want a MAC or Windows system. If you are on the tight budget and want to have more value for your money, then choose the Windows Laptop. If you need to have something that looks cool and something that is also twice as expensive choose a MAC. We prefer the MAC OS over Windows OS because the workflow is somewhat more beautiful and what we said it just looks cool. Something like printing and making backups work well on a MAC, and professionals want to be taken seriously and therefore choose MAC and then install windows on it.

Now the second thing is to choose the right processor. Look for Intel Core i7 as you may know with music production plug-in like synthesizers, reverbs and analyzes plugins are kinda heavy tasks for the processor. Complicated mathematical formulas need to be calculated to get your sound. To produce a pure square wave with just one oscillator with additive synthesis formula needs to be calculated a few times a second. You can’t imagine what it does to your processor with two oscillators let alone with multiple voices which are in fact extra oscillators. So processor power is incredibly necessary for music production, therefore choose core i7 or core i9.

For speedy laptops, the cache memory is another thing to look at. The cache memory of a processor is the fastest memory. If a processor can find repeated tasks in the cache memory, it does not have to go to the slower RAM. In other words, the bigger cache of processor means the quicker CPU.

The other thing to look at is the bus speed.  The bus speed of your motherboard and memory slightly faster (more megahertz) or slower, the current standard for memory is a DDR4 memory, but DDR5 is coming soon. The more megahertz, the faster it is. A 2133 MHz bus speed is pretty standard nowadays, but there are motherboards that support 2400 MHz, 3000 MHz and even 3200MHz.

The amount of memory in your computer can be of the influence of the speed with about 8GB you are pretty solid, but with 16 GB you are the more future proof number.

The other thing you must consider is the Thunderbolt connection to the external soundcard.

The screen needs to be of good quality. Consider buying a second screen so you can have more room for your tracks on your main screen and plugins like EQ or your mixer on the second screen.

Surprisingly a graphics card does not matter that much.

Next, we would say is a side-scrolling mouse, trackball or trackpad. Often you need to scroll not only up and down but sideways and horizontal. Side-scrolling is essential for a quick workflow. Different Logitech mouse can do that.

Laptop For Programmers

If you want to learn to programme you can use any laptop, now having a better laptop will not make you a better programmer. It’s your skills that can make you a good programmer. A good laptop will, of course, improve your performance it will reduce your time in building a project because when you build a project, it takes some time for building process as compilation running and you want to see the instant output.Having a good Laptop will always help, now here is a question that if you want to buy a laptop For programming what to check? So the first thing is the most important part is your budget.

So as a beginner to programming you can go with any laptop like Core2 duo or core i3. But when you become a professional coder then you will need to upgrade because as we told before that you would work on different projects and to manage your time you need a speedy laptop. In our opinion, the most suitable for a professional coder is the MAC. It will provide you the smooth and best result in the speedy environment. It’s our opinion to go for MAC; it does not mean that other brands are not suitable for programming. There are brilliant laptops brands out there, and you can choose the one for yourself to perform professional coding as a professional programmer.

Let’s say if you learn JAVA after that you will be learning, maybe you will be learning advanced JAVA, you will be working with servers, and you will be working with the android studio. If you are going for Microsoft apart, if you are going for it may be significant data in future you will need enormous listening power.

You will be designing a lot of websites in PHP, ASP, PYTHON or maybe C, C++, Java, just like that programmer, you don’t need that kind of expensive hardware. We can just go for 4 gigs of RAM, and that’s it. You don’t need any graphics card although it would be great you can only work without graphics card as well so any laptop which is useful for browsing purpose is going to be good in case you are designing directly websites in PHP or WordPress or just like that, so it’s entirely ok. Also with that, we will touch upon Android developer’s ass well now people might be thinking hey I might want to go into the Android development.

What kind of hardware should I buy for Android, guys we would say the graphics card is again an essential requirement for you although on to the official people say, hey! can just go without that as well but we don’t believe so. It’s not at all possible to work smoothly without the graphics card on the RAM side. We would say go for the 8GB of the RAM because trust us when you run the simulators a couple of simulators apparently you will be testing your app onto a couple of devices at least running these apps or switching between the simulator is not at all fun in 3gigs of RAM or 4 gigs of RAM.

For App Development

So for the app development and the game development is it’s needed that you need to have a little bit high end of the computer. Now we know buying hardware is not the cheapest option and especially in the college days it’s not affordable, but we believe that while buying new hardware is not an expense it’s the investment that you are making on yourself as soon as you learn that you can just pay on the installments. Just buy the laptop on the investment on the installments, and later on, you can learn to design your apps or websites.

Do a little bit of freelancing and can pay off that it’s that easy, but again we do entirely agree to buy new hardware is not that easy. It’s a little bit confusing, but we would say don’t go for the company specifics; look out for what specifications you are looking for don’t go that. ASUS is better than HP; HP is better than SONY or SONY is better than Dell. At the end of the day what you are paying for is the internal hardware that you are looking for.

So don’t go for the brandished thing go for what you really need and again if you are windows fan, go for the Windows and if you are fan of a MAC then go for it but again make sure you also understand one thing that whenever you buy a windows laptop or something look out for the cost that is extra there, now we never recommend the pirated software’s and everything go ahead include the cost of your windows of 8, 9, 10.

Laptop For Gamers:

If you are new to gaming or you are an expert, you will agree with us when you decide to buy a laptop, especially for your games. So the points you must consider first are explained in this part of the article. Ok, let’s have a look at these points.

CPU and GPU:

The first thing is to look at is the CPU and GPU on the laptop that is going to determine the requirements of a gaming laptop. Like if you can play overwatch the upcoming star wars battlefront 2. Laptops are very bound when it comes to upgrading ability, and we recommend that you save a decent budget before buying a game laptop.

Because there is not that much that you can do about it, to run your favorite game any faster in the future without buying a new one you can apparently get a new hard drive and get some more RAM whoever the CPU and the GPU which are the two main components to make your run smooth are sold the red into the Motherboard on the laptop, and naturally it cannot be changed or upgraded.

Also, want to be sure that your laptop has a least four CPU course. Guys don’t ever buy a laptop to have some Intel Celeron and billing on it. Seller owns our low-end budget CPUs, and these guys are only fitted with two cores. Now two cores were cool and fancy. If you want the game on your laptop to stay away from Intel HD graphics, Intel Iris graphics, and the Geforce. Then these GPUs are not built for gaming in the first place, and the performance of any of these mentioned are terrible in games instead you want to look for either Vidya Geforce GTX series or the AMD Radeon or 5, 7, r9 series which are built for gaming in mind.


You need to be sure of that you gain the laptop which carries two or more available USB ports, not the USB type-c, that the Apple one has, You want to have the solid USB three type A connector. Because you are going to be able to connect your gaming mouse and possibly your mic or gaming headset as well many headsets today comes with USB instead of the traditional 3.5-millimeter connector if you don’t want extra USB adapters hanging on to your gaming laptop pay some extra attention to the number of USB ports.


Next thing you need to look at is the battery life. The battery life may not be the first thing in mind when you are looking into buying a game laptop, and the main reason for that is probably because in the past on the go the laptop was almost impossible and you were glad if you could make it last for an hour. Technology has evolved to a point where it’s possible to gain several hours on the go you have interested the game on the go look for gaming laptops that are equipped with the GPU from the Nvidia’s latest 10 series as they are the most energy efficient right now.


The heat has and has always been one of the most significant concerns around gaming laptops. It’s challenging to fit high-end components into such tight areas and at the same time keep everything cool. Pickup a laptop with the latest technology as this heat problem is improved a lot in recent years.


The final thing to consider is the screen 720p, 1080p, 1440p or 4K. What about input lag and what about viewing angle there’s a lot to think about here a rule of thumb whoever everything above 1080p or HD is just not worth it. To able to run games in 4K on a small laptop without any stutter or hiccups is still not possible. If you do not ready to spend an absurd amount of money.  So instead of getting a gaming machine with 4K display save yourself all the headache and money.

Get one with the 1080p display instead with better viewing angle, because frankly, gaming on anything above 1080p won’t be stutter free we tell you in a few years it will but not in 2017. We are sorry and then when we are talking viewing angles here’s the word to keep in mind when you are looking at this place for your gaming laptop.

If you find ISP on the display screen, you can be pretty sure that the viewing angle is going to be prettier and without starting an in-depth conversation around screen panels. IPS are well known for having high viewing angles, and you are buying a more expensive gaming laptop whoever you can be pretty sure that the display is going to have good viewing angles. Even if it is a non-IPS panel, these are the top 5 lists to look over before buying a gaming laptop in 2016.

You can save a lot if you educate yourself so that you have the better understanding of what you should look out for before buying. If you have any questions about regarding what kind of laptop that you should buy or what graphics card you need to have if you want to be able to run these go without stutter. Feel free to drop any question in the comment section, and we will do our best to help you guys.



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