Ping Pong is the brand name for table tennis game. In this game, two or four players hit the ball back and forth across the table using a small bat. This game is played with two hard tables that are placed adjoint having a Net between them. In this article, we discuss some best ping pong table and paddles with complete reviews.

An international organization administers this game called ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) founded in 1926. Currently, this federation associates 226 members throughout the world.

This game first ever begun in Victorian England. It was played by the high standard lifestyle people as an after dinner, indoor game. In the early days of this game in 1860’s era, the British military officers tend to play this game in India. As they were ruling the subcontinent at that time and they brought this game to England. Those military officers played this game in such a way that a row of books was placed in the center of a long table and two extra books having in hand by two players used them like a bat to pass the golf ball to each other.

The name Ping Pong as a trademark name was registered in 1901 by the British manufacturer named Jaques of London. Who was previously known as John Jaques of London and Jaques and Son of London, that is a long-established family company who manufactures sports and game types of equipment.

The name “ping-pong” came to describe the game played using the Jaques’s equipment, while other manufacturers are calling it table tennis. The Same type of situation raised in the U.S. Therefore the Jaques of London sold the rights in the name of “ping-pong” to Parker Brothers in the UnitedStates. Parkour brothers then take over the brand and named it Table tennis registered in 1920.

The name changed to table tennis from ping pong also brought changes in the equipment of this game as the next innovation was by James. W. Gibb. He was the British enthusiast of table tennis and discovered novelty celluloid balls while he was on a trip in the U.S in 1901.
The change in the type of ball makes another person interested to make such type of racket which will suit the novelty celluloid ball. So he invented the modern version of the racket in 1901 by applying a sheet of pimpled rubber to the wooden blade. Then time by time there were enhancements made in the variety and quality of the equipment that is nowadays used in this game.

Let us talk about Rules.

Well, each game has the rules to be followed. A quote from Billie Jean King in which he says that “Sports teaches us the character, it teaches us to play by the rules, it teaches us to know what it feels like to win and lose. It teaches us about life.” So if you want to be an expert in the game, follow the rules. Not only in the games but also in the life as well if you’re going to be successful. Now let we discuss the rules of table tennis. If you play table tennis casually or you are a beginner or even you play table tennis professionally, you will like the rules discussed in this article, and you will learn some new things we hope.

Table Tennis Rules:

The equipment, Table, ball, bat, etc. used in table tennis game must be according to the rules and regulations. Here we will discuss all the information about the ITTF rules and regulations to understand and support them in the betterment of the game.
So let us discuss all the rules that make this game a fair play.
There are rules for playing this game, but there are rules defined for the equipment as well.

So we will cover the primary equipment of this game, and then we will go through the playing rules as well.
The table must be according to ITTF laws if you want to be a professional. Otherwise, you can play it in many ways like you can play it sitting on the floor by creating a gap and lines same like a table. Or have a row of books as a Net or a long piece of wood as a Net in the center of two-player having a line drawn precisely as table tennis table has, and a ball and there you go enjoy the game ;).

The table tennis accessories should be according to the following ITTF rules.

  • The surface of the table must be rectangular having 274cm length and 152.52cm width. The height from the surface of the ground is defined as 76cm.
  • The table should be created from any material, but it shall have a uniform bounce of 8 3/4 inch when a standard table tennis ball is dropped from the height of 12 inches above of the surface of the table.
  •  If the game is of double players, then the playing surface should be divided into half by a 3mm white line. But this line will not be considered for the single-player game.
  • The surface of the table should be colored dark having a white line of 2 cm. And it should be 2 cm wide along each edge.
  • The edges of the table should be considered as the gaming area, but the sides of the table will not be considered as a gameplay area.
  • The line along the 5-foot width should be considered as end lines.
  • The line along the 9-foot length should be considered as sidelines.
  • The net assembly is a hurdle between two players as they will pass the ball until one fails to cross it. The Failure will cause to lose the point and the one succeeded to take away the ball from his court will gain a point. Let us talk about the length and the supports needed for the net to be placed at the center of the table.
  • This net separates each side of the table equally into two courts having the same size.
  • The net assembly must have the clamps which attach the net to the table; it also has its suspension and supporting posts. The net height from the surface of the table must be 15.25cm or 6 inches.
  •  The ball should be 2.7gm in weight and also will be round shape with a diameter of 40mm.
  •  The racket should be 17cm long and 15cm wide.

Now we will discuss the rules while playing the game.

  •  The ball must be thrown 6 inches up in the air from the palm before being hit.
  • Ball must bounce on your side before going over the net and bouncing on the opponent side.
  •  The ball must be held in the palm when going to serve; you cannot hold the ball in your fingers.
  • If the server cups his/her hand and does not give the correct view of the ball to the opponent within the serving process, then the opponent will be awarded the point. However, if the player is physically incapable while opening his/her hand according to the rules while serving, then the rules may be relaxed to progress to the point and match.
  •  The player must serve from behind the baseline of the table, and the ball must bounce on both sides of the table.
  •  Each player serves two times in a row and then the serve swaps players.
    A LET will be called if the ball touches the net in the process of a service, or when the receiver of the service is not ready to deliver, or play is interrupted by the officials.
  • The player who first reaches the 11 points having a lead of 2 points like 11-9 then the player will be declared the winner. If the game reaches 10-10 points each side, then the game will be played until one of the players take a lead of 2 points.
  •  The ping pong game is usually in the format around “Best Of” format. Normally best of 5 to 7 games are typically used in competitions.
  •  The expedite system is used when a game is not finished after 10 minutes of playing time and less than 18 points had been scored. The referee will interrupt the game, and the game will be resumed with the players serving 1 point each in turn.
  • The server has to score the point in consecutive 13 returns, or the point that is being played goes to the opposition. This system can be brought into the game on request of either player or pairs (as it depends either the game is single or doubles). Once this system is initiated, it remains in play until the match is finished and it is mainly used by defensive players.
  •  You may score a point if the ball hits the table twice on the opponent side, or the ball is out of play. or The ball is hit into the net by the opponent, or The ball is missed by the opponent. or If the opponent hits the ball to your side and it goes without touching the table to the ground, or if the opponent volleys the ball. Or The opponent places his/her hand on the table while playing, or if the opponent stops the ball. or The opponent hits the ball twice continuously, or the opponent moves the playing surface or hits the net assembly. Or the opponent hits the ball on the side of the racket.
  •  If the player hits the ball over the net and the ball does not touch the playing surface, then the player who hits the ball over will lose the point. However, if the ball is played over the net and does not make contact with the playing surface due to extreme circumstances such as another ball hitting it and diverting its course, a LET can be executed, and the point is replayed.
  •  Any player who places their free hand on the table at any stage within a playing process is to forfeit that point as using the contact can cause the table to move and therefore manipulate the game to such an extent that they can win the match without playing fairly. There are no Bending of The Rules” for this as it is allowed full stop, whether it’s the first point in the match or last point in the match. Any contact with the table results with a forfeited point.
  •  For each ping-pong game, there is one main umpire. His main job is to decide the result of each rally. He/she has, in principle, no discretionary powers, however; they must use judgment to suit the rules and regulations. When the umpire is alone, he has the final decision on all the questions that could come within a match.
  •  In the other situation if you hit the ball into the net and it did not make progress over the net. If the ball hit the net and went over the opponent side, the ball would still be in play.
  • As the ball is deemed as out of play, the point is awarded to the opponent as you failed to continue the rally and therefore loses the point. The only way if you have won the point is opponent has placed his/her hand upon the playing surface, all this is not the case, and therefore the point is to be awarded to your opponent.
  •  One situation that may occur is that you serve the ball and opponent returns the ball, you misjudge the speed and trajectory and misses the ball completely. Due to the fact, you failed to continue the rally due to missing the ball your opponent will win the point. Had you had mistimed your opponent shot and hit the ball badly, your opponent may have won the point but if you hit the ball twice or failed to return the ball, your opponent will still win the point.
  • The rules booklet is also available on the ITTF official site. Click here to download the e-book.
    Ok now we have enough knowledge about the game so let’s we take a look at the types of equipment used in this game and explain them briefly.

1. Shoes, Clothing, and Accessories:

The Ping Pong game requires lots of movement in a speedy way as playing the game fast footwork movements and changing the direction will occur again and again quite often. So in this scenario, you have to be very careful about your feet as if you wear the shoes that not designed for a specific reason as it would be in the contest of the game you may suffer a severe injury.
So the better option is to look for the shoes that are designed for such kind of games. And we will provide a list of shoes in this article that is specially designed for ping-pong game.

So you need those shoes that have a good grip. You must look at the surface on which you will play the game. If the surface is dusty one, then do not use shoes having plastic sole because they can lack grip on dusty strips.
Similarly sneakers will be excellent as well but first look at the surface condition that either it is suitable for that kind of shoes or not. In short use, the footwear according to the surface conditions and we will show you in this article those type of shoes that will be according to the surface as well as according to your budget.

Once you have gotten the pair of shoes according to your needs, it’s time to select the dress kit that suits you and the conditions around you like the atmosphere around you or type of ground or park where you will play. For this reason, the cloth selection must be a bit tricky. As you have to choose the shorts that you will wear above the knees as your knee will frequently bend when you play so that you have the comfort to flex freely.

Also, use a T-shirt instead of the shirt so that elbows remain free for movement and you will use your hands openly without any discomfort. A use of tracksuit after and before the game could be a good thinking.
The sweat will also be kept in mind, so for this reason, you have to use the wristband, headband, Towel, water bottle.
Also, you must have the Bat covers, Cap, tracksuit, T-shirt, Shorts, socks, skirts if ladies, jackets, ping pong rackets, balls, rubber for paddle/racket, Shoes and much more.

The selection of Bag for the whole kit to place the accessories is also a necessary option that has to be taken seriously because the whole of your sporting stuff will be placed in that bag. You will go for practice sessions and also be going to participate in tournaments if you are a professional player etc.
Therefore you have required a bag that is specially made for the accessories used in this game. The bag selection needs to be according to the stuff you are going to place in it, like balls and bats, towel, you have to take special care of them, and for this reason, your bag selection needs to be accordingly. So keep all your gaming stuff safe in your bag.

2. Table:

The most important equip in the game of ping pong is the table. We will try to cover in detail about the table tennis table and its key features.
Let us start and divide it into two types.

• Outdoor
• Indoor

And furthermore, we will split them into three categories as our recommendation on account of their prices.
1. Economy
2. Mid-range
3. Premium
Let us start with the outdoor table tennis table.
Choosing the best outdoor ping pong table three big things should be considered.
• Playing Surface thickness
• Strength of frame
• Key Features

The playing surface is made of plywood or melamine. Plywood is 10 to 12mm thick on the cheaper models and 10 to 18 meters on the more expensive ones. Melamine is very hard wearing and ideal for outdoor use, and it ranges from 3.5mm which is little too thin to give a good bounce. 5mm is an ideal thickness to look for.

Younger players can struggle to return the ball if the bounce is not sufficient. The high range tables have 6 or 7mm which give you the best game but obviously will cost you more. So when choosing a table always check for the plan surface thickness, this will affect how would the table plays. The thicker, the better.

Next, consider the frame. The thicker the frame, the better support the plan surface will be, Once again the more you spent, the stronger the frame would be.

The third point to consider is the features that you have had on your table. These features range from net adjustments such as the net tension or the height of the net.

The safety feature like the corner protectors to stop anybody hurt themselves with the corner of the table.
Keeping everything neat and tight can be essential to stop pieces being lost. So convenient storage built into the table for bat and balls may be something you would like to look for.

Brakes on the wheels of the table can prove very useful, stopping the table movement during the competitive game. The adjustable leg may have handy, should the ground may not be entirely level all the table, should be folded up and nicely stored away.
You may consider the size of it when folded particularly when you want to store more than one table. All the outdoor tables come with a cover that looks like a big sock that goes over the folded table. It is essential always to cover the table when not in use and also make sure that is stored away in a way that it would not be blown over and damage either the table or your property.

These tables are easy to set up by popping the buttons on each side for each half of the table and then lowering each side into its place. On most models, it’s possible to leave one half of the table upright which is called the playback position so that you can some practice if there is no one to play with.
Now we will give some recommendations for some popular outdoor tables by leading manufacturers.

1. Economy outdoor Table tennis table:

First of all, at the economy end of the market, we will suggest the “butterfly compact” table. It is the best ping pong table tennis table which has a 12mm thick raising treated plywood playing surface.It has the advantage of been folded over to just 3 inches thin plus it has a couple of small wheels at the bottom for moving it above.
The best model in this price zone is the Cornilleau sport one. It’s safe and very easy to erect and has a 4mm thick playing surface and has a host of useful features and has the excellent 10 years guarantee on the tabletop.

2. Midrange outdoor Table Tennis Table:

In this range of models, the best one is the Cornilleau Sports 300S model; it’s very sturdy and easy to maneuver and set up. It has DSI safety locking system and as such as one of the safest tables on the market. The 300S has the adjustable net for both tension and height. The double wheels of this table make it easy to move even on thick grass and also it has safety brakes to keep them in place either when on the play or stored away.

The next featured table considered is the butterfly outdoor playback roll away. It also has a 5mm thick melamine playing surface with the plastic coated square tube undercarriage. The playback rollaway has the fixed net, so you don’t have the faff- of taking it off when putting it away off the play.

3. Premium Range Outdoor Table tennis table:

In the premium category of the outdoor ping pong table, we will recommend the Cornilleau Sports 500M. It is at the top end of the Cornilleau range and comes with the 10 years guarantee on the playing surface and is designed to stay outdoor all you around.

The table has a super strong subframe along with the fantastic 7mm thick surface to give you a high bounce and additionally it has a top mat coating which reduces the sun reflection by ten times.
It is loaded with features in which one of them is the corner protectors, and covered by racket holders and ball storage. The double wheels again make it easy to maneuver even on tricky terrain, and it takes a little space to store away been only 30 inches thick.

The follow-on pick is the butterfly ultimate, it has at the very top end and is popular with scales and campsites. The ultimate has a super thick 18mm playing surface made of high resilience weatherproof wood. The extraordinary long life galvanized undercarriage, and permanent net means you can leave outdoors all you around. You can also bring the frame down should you need to.

Indoor Tables:

Now it’s the time to look at the indoor models. Well though if you intended location is a conservatory or a garage that could be damp we recommend choosing an outdoor model. Once again the three key points should be considered.

Most important is the:
• The thickness of the playing surface.
• The strength of the frame.
• Key Features

The thicker playing surface has 25mm playing surface and is used in competitions and tournaments. In the middle you have22mm thick and even in entry-level models comes with an excellent 19mm thick playing surface. Just like the outdoor table they can be set into the playback position. When folded up some models allows the net to stay in place.
Now we will first look at the economy models.

We have the butterfly full-size tabletop. It is 19mm thick and sits on top of the suitable table. It comes with the net, bats, and balls. Generally, it is 9 foot by 5 foot in size so make sure you have enough space at least of 3 foot of paying space around the edges.
If that does prove to be too big for your space, then the butterfly junior is a great way to get your ping pong fixed indoors as it is 3 quarters of size. The playing surface is a respectable 12mm thick, and it comes with bat, ball, net, and poster. It’s easy to fold up and stored away coming with small wheels on the bottom making easy to roll into place and back away again. Plus it is only 3 inches wide when stored back to back.

Mid-range indoor tables:

In this category, we suggest the butterfly easy fold rollaway which has a 19mm thick playing surface and strong still frame. It comes in two half which folds up and stores away separately. The table comes with the clip, net and post set, four bats and six balls and is covered by three years guarantee.
Alternately the other choice you should make is the Cornilleau Sport 250 model of table. It also a 19mm thick playing surface but has a fixed net and post set and falls away easily using the DSI safety system. It has the storage of bats, balls and also avails the three years guarantee.

Premium Range Indoor tables:

In this range, we have the recommendation of Cornilleau competition 540 approved by the ITTF and has the 22mm thick playing surface. Again it folds up easily and has brakes on the wheels.
And then we have the fantastic butterfly Europa 25 which is the official table of the ETTA (English Table Tennis Association) grom-pre and is used over 100 competitions in England each year. It has a 25mm thick playing surface. It has a super strong metal subframe and eight wooden legs. If you like the serious table for serious use, then this is the one.

3. Net

When we are considering our table tennis equipment, we always talk about bat or ball and also we talk about table tennis tables, but one thing that is often overlooked is the table tennis net.
With the old type of table tennis net, we can make some adjustments, but they used to be a quite floppy type of nets as when the ball hits even the middle of the net the ball dribbles over. So we will then adjust the net by stretching it so that the net becomes tight so that it will not allow the ball just to dribble over when it hits the top of the net.

The other things that we have to look for are the strings that pass through the net, and by applying tension to it, it improves the quality of the net while playing. But these old type of nets is very limited in how much you can do as far as keeping the net height correct as well as keeping the net tension correct. The best option is why not choose the better net, so when making the selection of table tennis net you have to look for three things.

• Solid Clamp
• Net tensioner
• Adjustable for net height
A good net must have the better clamp system. So when we choose the clamp we should look at the winding, this winding must provide an accurate attachment to the table when we wind it upwards.

The second thing we have to look at is the height adjustment mechanism while selecting a good table tennis net by checking the height adjustment screw with the help of which we can adjust the height either lifting the height of the net or decreasing the height of the net.

The third one is the tensioner we should look at. So by the help of this tensioner mechanism, we can tighten or loosen the string that goes through the top of the net to gain a significant tension at the top of the net. In result, it will stop the balls when it hits the middle of the net and go over.
Attaching your net to the table with clamps is very easy just slide the clamp into the table and tighten the screws, and you will see that it is nicely and firmly attached to the table. Same on the other side connect the clamp and tighten the screw. Here we go our net is attached to the table.

Most good nets come with a net measurer. So what it does is it just sits at the top of the net, and it would be called the net at a good height if we put this measurer on the top of the net and the measurer does not dangle and sits on the table nicely then the best height is achieved. The height of net matters a lot and we cannot underestimate it, getting your net right in the training environment is very important. If you are training at home or in any training club and the net height is a wrong or low height.

So when you get training at such net then your serving and practicing for trying to keep that ball nice and low with your pushing, and then when you suddenly getting into the tournament and the net height is at the correct height then you will be hitting the ball at the lower top of the net now and then, when you are serving or keeping that ball low because you practiced at that net height in your training sessions. So it is very important to get your net height right even when you are training at home or club.

Another difference between cheaper nets and the better net is that cheaper nets tend to be quite hard and inflexible and this kind of cheap nets are made of plastic kind of material whereas the better nets have better stretch in them so that just stops the ball from dribbling over the net easily.

4. Bat

There is a wide variety of best ping pong paddles in the market choosing the best table tennis bat is one of the most critical factors in this game. You should pick the best bat that will build your skills towards a professional table tennis player.
As a beginner, you cannot make a right decision to decide what kind of bat you should use. So for the best selection, we are here to guide you what type of bat should be in your hand when you begin to start learning table tennis.
There are three types of bats available on the market.
• Plastic Made Bats.
• Pre Made Bats.
• Custom made Bats.

If we talk about the Plastic bat, they do not provide any spin. So the answer is, do not use these as you need spin while playing the game.
If we talk about Pre-made bats, then we can say that these are good for learning and developing your strokes.
And finally, if we consider the custom-made bats, so it is up to you to select the type of blade and rubber according to your choice and needs. And actually when you become a skilled player then you will use this kind of best table tennis racket.
Elements of a table tennis bat and the things we have to look for.
Basically, as a professional player, you have to look at a ping pong bat that is made of two rubbers having one side black and the other side red, both colors provide different type of speeds, and the colors are due to this reason that you are showing it to your opponent what speed you are gaining and also the last thing is the blade which is just the wood. So you will just cut the rubbers according to the size and shape of the wooden blade and fix it to on the blade.
What custom type of bat provides is that when the grip on the rubber becomes weak, you will only change the rubbers. Because when the rubbers become older the grip, it gives to the ball for a spin also become lessen, therefore when this type of situation occurs then it’s time to replace the rubbers of the blade.
The blade made of wood have different types of handle shapes like the

• Straight Handle
• Flat Handle
• Pen holder type (it has only one playing side) used for backhand and four hand shots while practicing.
• Shake hand type handle.
Bats come in a variety of spins and speeds, so for each particular player, it depends on what is your playing style. So it’s up to your comfort that what kind of grip you want to use when having a blade. It’s not that easy to choose the best that suits you, so you have to go through trials of selection and then you may find the better one for yourself.

5. Ball

The ball selection is quite tricky; here we will tell you how to choose the perfect ball for your play. When choosing a table tennis ball, we must have to keep the following things in our mind.

• Spin the ball to ensure that it is round
• Ensure that the ball is firm.
• Choose that ball which has no seam.

So when we select the ping pong balls first we have to check its spin so that you will examine thoroughly either the ball is round, or it loses shape when you spin it on a table or any surface.
Secondly, make sure the ball is firm. Like if we put the ball in hand and press it with thumb and if it came on to inside then reject that ball.
How much pressure should we apply to the ball?
For this, we can simplify and explain it like that!
“If we grab our thumb and just push quite firmly using index finger and thumb of our other hand it will go into the bone, so that kind of pressure is required to test the firmness of the table tennis ball.
So a good table tennis ball has to be hard when we press it, it should not go inside.
And at last, check that the ball is without a seam around the middle of it. If you saw any seam, then reject it straight away.
The ping pong ball comes in two colors one is the white color, and the other is the orange color. These both are internationally approved colors so either of the colored balls can be used for table tennis game. But in major tournament s orange ball is used for play.
The big thing about table tennis balls is they usually come with the variety of Stars printed on them. And they are graded by stars. Like 1-star, 2-star and 3-star balls.
If we put a test and select one star and three-star balls, we will notice that the ball having one star has less quality and the ball is having three stars will have the better quality.
These can be further distinguished by spinning both balls on a table or any smooth surface to check the roundness of the ball. The three-star ball will be more round in shape than the one-star ball and when we spin both the balls the one star will wobble a lot and will change its place quite often. It is because of that a one star is not exactly round, but the three-star will remain closer to the point when it was released to check it’s spin.
Secondly, By applying thumb pressure, the one-star ball will go inside but the three-star ball will not as it will be harder the two star and one-star ball.
So the most stars the better the ball will be.

Best Ping Pong Table Editor’s Choice:

There are varieties of table tennis table in the market. We discussed before, and we found some astonishing tables. Furthermore, here we are sharing some top-ranked tables according to reviews by the customers, and in that scenario our best 3 picks are:

1. Centerfold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

This table has been selected for world championships organized nationally as well internationally. The centerfold is a massive duty table used by top clubs, sports center, and international match play.
The main advantage of centerfold is the 25mm anti-skid surface, the addition of this antiskid surface quality and reliability is the bounce of the ball, the ball topspin, and the backspin shot so producing the excellent performance and giving every confidence to the players to play their shots.
The top is protected by a durable steel frame with mejentic corner pieces. The undercarriage is one of the stronger available it incorporates four large 125mm sturdy wheels two of which have breaks this guarantees for firm standings and smooth movement.
Transportation and storing it is comfortable with the centerfold unique space saver system which makes folding and rolling the table safe and straightforward. The tabletops fold together producing the width of the storing position to only 20 inches or 51cm.
A unique and smooth to use safety system prevents the table from opening and closing accidentally. A perfectly leveled playing surface is achieved by use of the height adjusters on all four of the end legs.
The centerfold table is one of the few top model tables which is wheelchair friendly as the space between first leg and end of the playing surface towards the player is 400mm to meet the standard required for competitions.
The centerfold is delivered ready assembled to at all what is needed for using the table. The table as mentioned earlier is available from stock with a green top or by special order with a blue top having delivery in 6 to 8 weeks both have matching white silver legs.

In the market, a variety of butterfly manufactured nets and posts are easily available separately for all levels of play. The butterfly centerfold is approved by the ITTF for use in competitions and has a European safety certificate EN14468-1 and is guaranteed for 5 years.
The delivery of the table is made by appointment and is carried up by a specialist two men service insurance and convenient delivery. Delivery is made in 4 to 7 days depending on customer availability and location.


• Top Thickness: 1″ Wood
• Rail/Rim: 2″ x 3/4″ Steel
• Legs: 2″ Square Steel
• Wheels: 5″ Locking Rubber Wheels
• Weight: 280lbs
• Safety Feature: Release Lock
• Net Set: Europa
• ITTF Approved: Yes
• Adjustable Feet: Yes
• Warranty: 5 Years

2. JOOLA Nova DX Best Ping Pong Table:

JOOLA Nova Outdoor table tennis table features the 6mm aluminum plastic composite with multilayer paint process. The aluminum top makes the table waterproof. It takes about 80 minutes to be assembled.
It has nice caster wheels down to the bottom they’re easy to maneuver. Assembly is not too bad used to touch the legs to it corner’s have a little bit of padding on it. If it rains and it got a lot of moisture on it, so it’s going to handle that just fine.
You can leave it out in the sun or rain and don’t have to bother about it warping like an indoor wood top table. This table is perfectly fine to be stored outside. The multilayer paint process prevents chipping and warping while creating the ideal surface for a consistent ball bounce and accelerated gameplay.
It is the low-end table for outdoor use, and it is weatherproof and its anti-glare paint on though to which will help. This table holds up in playback mode if you needed to go up, so you play by yourself.

It also folds up nicely for storage. One the most compact storage tables on the market. The sturdy powder coated 30mm steel frame, and 30 X 30mm undercarriage acts as a shield from excessive wear and tear and thus increases the table’s lifespan. Each half of the JOOLA table comes with its trundle system to allow for easier transport and ability and to stand alone as well as be nested together to minimize storage space.

The Nova outdoor table is comprised of auto folding legs, means it is a folding ping pong table, adjustable height levelers, four durable 3-inch lockable casters and the anti titling device for added safety and mobility during transport or conversion to playback mode.
Playback mode is key for anyone who wants to amp up his/her game in solo play. The seamless transitions from gameplay to a compact 22-inch x 62-inch x 67-inch four-story to make this table an optimal choice for any locale includes Ned and posts at 121 pounds.


• Dimensions: 9ft x 5ft.
• Weight: 121 lbs.
• 6mm Table Top (Aluminum Plastic Composite).
• Rust Resistant.
• Powder Coated Metal Undercarriage.
• Trolley System with Four Durable Wheels at each half.
• Outdoor Net.
• Foldable Two Piece.
• For Playback Simply Leave One-Half Folded.
• Locking Casters.
• Locking Halves When Folded Down for Play.
• Anti-Tilting Devices.
• Rust Resistant.

3. JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table:

The JOOLA Rally TL 300 is an official competition table of multiple world events like Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens Olympics 2004. It is a sponsor of the 2012 U.S. Olympic table tennis team and much more.
The JOOLA Rally 30TL table tennis table is a high-quality table tennis table is specially designed for recreational players seeking to improve their game and break it into the competitive table tennis scene. Explore your skills among friends, family or co-workers on this competition standard table.

Featuring a 15mm char kilo painted MDF surface. It offers a detailed polyurethane paint process which enhances resistant to ball marks and scratches. The legs have adjustable feet to easily level the table during gameplay and fold under the ping pong table top for compact storage. Each half is mounted on the 30mm X 30mm thick powder undercoated carriage secured on for durable locking casters and the double anti tiling device for safe transport.
Enjoy playing with friends or training solo by setting the table in the playback position. The rally TL 300 is the perfect addition to your home, office, or community center. Each of the four corners is fitted to the JOOLA patented corner ball holder that holds up to three 40mm balls also no more chasing after stray balls.

The table comes with two magnetic abacus scorekeepers that can attach to the ends or sides of the table to keep track of the game and an easy to assemble net set with adjustable posts to ensure level playing surface. Start playing like a champion with equipment developed for champions by JOOLA.


• It has MDF surface.
• The table has corner ball holders.
• It can be assembled easily.
• It can be folded into two halves for easy storage.
• Its feet can be adjusted to level the table during the game.
• Resistant to ball marks and scratches.
• Weight: 155Lbs
• Storage Space; 60in X 22in X 63inches
• Assembled: 108in X 60in X 30inches

Table Tennis Rackets Editor’s Choice:

Now we will discuss the bats. There are some outstanding bats available on the market. These bats are categorized in this article as we discussed before that is
Plastic Made Bats, Pre Made Bats and Custom made Bats. Here we will share the best table tennis paddle according to the reviews of buyers. We have reviewed them and picked 3 of them. Our picks are:

1. Diamond Stallion High Tech Ping Pong Paddle:

This paddle might be the right one for you!
It is a perfect choice for most demanding ping pong players. The professional level performance ensured by the 5-ply competition wood blade and the 2mm sponge and premium 2mm rubber material. You get guaranteed control over your accuracy, strength, and spin.
Are you worried about the comfort of the paddle?
Then don’t panic because its 25-layer handle is at the base of the ultra-steady grip and will make you be able to uncover its full potential much more efficiently.
Not sure if this paddle is the one for you?
It has a quality protective case, ergonomic wristband, and instructive photo e-book? To complete the kit, we will just say that the paddle comes with 60-day no questions money back guarantee. Now, this has to be enough for you we hope 😉


• A huge competition-grade paddle is offering an excellent level of performance.
• 5-Plywood blade, 2mm sponge, and 2mm premium rubber won’t let you lose control over your speed and precision!
• The 25-layer handle will allow you to hold the racket with an unbelievably steady grip.
• This racket comes with protective case, wristband, and informative e-book.
• 60-Day money back guarantees.

2. Killerspin JetBlack Combo:

The Killerspin Jetblack Combo Table tennis Paddle comes with a perfect blend of performance and style. A sleek design with Jet black colored makes this paddle one of a kind. It is a perfect paddle for anything Kong enthusiasts whether you are a recreational player or intermediate one or otherwise. You would love to have this back in your collection for some good reasons.


• It is a high-quality paddle with ultimate control and precision.
• The nice functional and structural design ragged case.
• The combination of overall seed spins and control sum up the quality of this racket having speed 6.8, spin 8.2, control 9.
• This racket has business 916 advantages of the killer bin.
• Jet black table tennis paddles control oriented racket.
• Better performance
• Small CENTAC and edgy looking grapes in capabilities
• Super soft and cool stylish black, please record case.

3.Sports Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle:

If you are looking for a spin in your play, then this one is the number one choice for you. This racket is a classic rubber racket with a 2mm high-quality coating on the surface for fastball speed.
The Sports Game Pro ping pong paddle has spun at 91, control of 79 and speed of 82. This racket is not for professional players as these bats manufactured for amateurs to improve their gaming skills. The paddle is also useful for backspins.
The replacement is up to 30 days from purchase as manufacturer guarantees.


• The design is beautiful.
• Made of high-quality rubber measured at 2mm thickness.
• Made of 5 plies of wood.
• Enables high-degree of ball speed.
• Has 30-day warranty.
• The handle is made of dovetail design.
• Has comfortable and solid grip.

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