Best Vlogging Camera is a need of a day. Like having a detailed discussion on WHAT IS and HOW TO, make sure that I am not going to slip you into any boredom. But for taking a healthy start, let me ask you something:

Do you know what is a Vlog or can say Vlogging?

If yes!

Great then… But if No!
Oh not to worry, I’ll take this privilege to make you clear about the vlog, vlogging and especially give you a complete guide on Best vlogging camera. After all, this is the basic tool to carry out this fun. 😉

You better know the fact that living in the 21st century, people gone crazy about the INTERNET. They spend there all day long looking right down on the gaming screen with earphones tucked connected with the online world whether for a business, study, social networking or just taking selfies and making camera vlogs. Well, I am one of them. Hehe!


1: Canon EOS Smart People Choice

Considering the best part in it to be mentioned in the editor’s pick is of offering the quality features at affordable price. As the new version is already launched in the camera market i.e. Canon 80D but if you have a quite light pocket so this will be the better choice. The awesome feature it supports is in-built Wi-Fi technology which enables it to transfer and accepts the files from the smartphones and laptops. Although for the communication medium between them, you need to install the EOS application.

For videography purposes, it has been proved phenomenal by its most of the users. It finely focuses the point automatically and manually as well. It doesn’t matter where you place this camera, it has the ability to grab the ultimate frame according to your will. This vlog camera with the flip screen which is moveable providing you flexibility to shoot with ease of viewing the display. It provides much greater AF performance as compared with its previous versions.


Viewing from the rear end, it looks really impressive. Slightly thick structure with the matte surface which is partially rough dotted and partially plain. Black seems to be light, we cannot say that it is a pure jet black. Due to the matte finish, it gives the raw reflection of deep grey. Buttons are same as that of the Canon T4i. The lens is detachable and 3-inch wide flip screen. The position of buttons is relatively same as that in the 60D but the new place for the AF expansion button is designed.


  • Automatic ISO with the range of 100-256000 and even more.
  • Video capturing of 1080p whereas optical sensor is 20.2 megapixels’ resolution via an APS-C sensor.
  • It performs the continuous shots round-about 7 fps at a time.
  • Each channel consists of about 16,384 colors upon recording video.
  • Processing image quality of DIGIC 5+.
Performance: Canon EOS 70D makes the High definition video with the good amount of color and light distribution among the pixels. Its screen provides you with the frequent control option for easy shooting purposes. Images or video clips do not need any further editing and are good enough to be posted or viewed on a widescreen with no pixels’ rupture effect. The in-built sensor technology is extremely frequent responsive as you tilt the camera up left and down in no time, it will automatically adjust the balance and focuses the point to be captured.


  • Navigation of menus is handy.
  • Clear-cut sound via microphone present by-default along with the additional plug for mic upgrading.
  • Commendable autofocus feature.
  • Fast and responsive touchscreen


  • Full frame not supported.
  • Works average with the low-light.

4: Sony Alpha  Digital : (Best Camera For Vlogger)

Before starting the review on Sony vlogging camera, let me tell you that it has been marked with the bestseller badge on Amazon with the quite noticeable positive rating. Sony being the well-known brand has launched Alpha a6000, an upgraded version of a5000 with bonus specifications. The best part of this good quality camera is that it is quite easy to use that even a beginner can make highly professional snaps and videos. Settings are easy, one can naturally learn how to use it. Easy to customize the settings according to the need for the scenario.

Like other most famous DSLRs, it also has the same issue with the battery which automatically drains out when not in use. But customers didn’t feel this a great problem because this can be sorted out by switching on the Airplane mode. This makes a sense that due to its Wi-Fi technology, battery drains out being connected to any Wi-Fi-device. So simple if you are not sharing any data, better to keep it OFF or airplane mode ON.


Design of Canon a6000 is somewhat very simple. It is rectangular in shape with a thin body. A clearly formal design with the clean distribution of buttons above and right side of the 3-inch screen. Lens position is shifted towards the mid right and a slightly curved projection at the left above which has the button to capture and a dial. At both the rear ends, two holders are located for the holding strip via which you can simply hang it on shoulders or neck.


  • Supports the image stabilization in a very clear way.
  • Auto-detection of contrast via sensor and focus technology.
  • Flash is incorporated by default.
  • Approximately 11 fps continuous snapshots at a time supported.
  • Video resolution of about 1920×1080 pixels whereas optical sensor is 24 pixels.
Performance: This Sony vlogging camera proves to best for the professional use. However, due to its user-friendly settings, a beginner can also take the impressive shots. Images are so clear that you can extract the detailed information which cannot be seen with the naked eye and requires the zooming. You can have the protector for the screen as well as the bag along with it.

3: Nikon D750 Digital SLR : Best Vlogging Camera

This camera has some incredible features that it make it popular among professionals and those who are serious about their photography.  (This is not the camera for those who are looking for a point-and-shoot camera).  The D750 has a full feature set and incorporates some of the features of Nikon’s D810 as well as the D4S.

It is very fast as well as responsive to help you bring your artistic visions into great photos and videos.  The autofocus system uses 51 points and 15 cross-type sensors to make sure you get sharp, clear photos and the Vari-4ngle LCD display is great for getting the shot from high and low shooting positions.  This adds wonderful versatility in begin creative and getting photos with unique perspectives.

Another great option is the ability to switch between still shots and video quickly and easily.  You can shoot cinematic quality videos with rich tones and amazing sharpness so now you can capture your inspiration in Full HD.  The Nikon D750 is well-suited for the filmmaker and videographer who wants to easily create stunning short films.

One more feature that is very popular is the built-in  WiFi for connectivity making it easy to upload, transfer and share photo and video files.

Here’s a list of some of the main the features on the Nikon D750

  • Full frame 24.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 4 image processor
  • Full HD 60/50/30/25/24p video
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with the WT-5a + UT-1 Communication Unit
  • Shoot up to 6.5 fps at full resolution
  • Pro Video feature set including: Simultaneously record uncompressed and compressed, Manually control ISO, shutter speed and aperture while recording – even use Power Aperture control for smooth iris transitions and Auto ISO for smooth exposure transitions.
  • Compact, lightweight and slim unibody (monocoque) body design with tilting Vari-angle LCD display

4: Canon PowerShot G7 X – Best For Selfie Vlogs

Another Canon camera in the top five suggests how consistent this manufacturer is. The Canon PowerShot G7 X is a digital camera with a wide range of useful and advanced features that offer high performance and quality results. It is powered by a powerful DIGIC 6 Image Processor which is combined with a 1.0-inch, 20.2-Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor. You’ll be able to capture better quality images in low-light conditions, as well as minimizing noise and distortion.

If you run a ‘selfie’ vlog then the movable LCD screen will be highly useful. The screen can tilt up 180 degrees so you can check to position before you start filming and be flexible with your camera angles. The video is captured in high 1080p resolution and has Optical Image Stabilization to ensure your handheld footage is not blurry.

The built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) is a big plus for this camera as you can conveniently transfer images and videos to social media sites. You can also save them to an online album through Canon Image Gateway. The camera can also connect to your mobile through a single touch of the Mobile Device Connect Button.

The Canon PowerShot G7 X may look expensive for such a compact camera, around $650, however it gives extremely high-quality results and advanced vloggers who want to take their videos to the next level, may find this camera suits them.


  • A highly compact camera which includes a larger sensor than other cameras of its type in order to achieve better results.
  • The 1.0-inch sensor collects more light in a shorter space of time to capture better detail meaning that videos and images will be much sharper and richer.
  • This may be the best camera for youtube videos that are filmed on the go, due to its great connectivity.


  • Very occasionally, when shooting video, the camera slips out of focus, especially when filming action or moving the camera too fast.
  • However, for stationary selfie vlogs, it is a great camera and will provide a sharp image

Best Vlogging Camera Buyer Guide

Jumping back on the matter where we left

What is a Vlog?

Vlog – is an acronym for a video blog or a video log which comprises of most of the videos along with the little or detailed description. Like a blog, there is a detailed content for the topic but in a vlog, posting videos are just as it makes a major difference.

What is Vlogging?

Vlog at first was known as a podcast which is a collective name for an audio as well as the video. But it then separated because they both have their own family structures. Now a day’s vlog can also be called as the videocast or a podcast.

Vlogging or video logging is something making a vlog and streaming the video irrespective of the content being uploaded. Most of the video streamers use digital cameras for vlogging and publish videos without the content or can say a small description of different programs including world’s big vlogging platform “YouTube”. Some other just post their daily schedule videos on Facebook, snap chat, Instagram blah blah.

What is a vlogging camera?

It is understood that posting a video requires a laptop and router which supports no buffering issue and good data rate. So obviously for making a vlog, a best vlogging camera is needed. Now the thing is that camera must be up to the mark and copes up all the requirements such as good resolution, clear color effects, time lapsing, shutter effect and much more needed by a video maker. So a good vlogging camera is basically a device which captures different scenarios making one feel the live effect as if he is inside the video.

All this separating on one note, don’t you think that, Why to use a good camera for vlogging? Or is it beneficial for us to make a vlog or do vlogging? If you have this in mind, come along with me to find the ultimate reason behind your query.

Why do Vlogging?

People all over the globe are busy. In fact, you are busy in reading this article, and I am busy in answering your valued questions in the best efficient way. One go bore of the monotonous routine, i.e., EAT, WORK, SLEEP, and REPEAT! Sometimes you wish to think of all the dull jobs, and I feel better to say that making videos can ruin the gloom and make you happy. In spite of fun, vlogging has many more benefits worth considering.

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Benefits of Vlogging:

Enhance Communication abilities:

Communication is what a primary medium between you and me. I am communicating with you through this article but what if I come on the screen elaborating every point described here in words? Of course, my whole idea will be directly poured into your mind in just a few minutes in spite of reading the entire jumbo content. But I must say if you are a good reader and want to learn slow and steady, reading this will be quite fruitful. No doubt this is a way to improve the communication skills, but video logging brings far more benefits to enhance this ability.

  1. Bold to speak: You can talk, viewing or not viewing yourself in a camera make you bold enough to speak whatever you want related to the subject in a free tone which might be difficult for you to speak in front of the real audience.
  2. Blooper proof speech: You can customize the video according to your will. Too many takes can be implemented to produce a quality video with no bloopers.

Personal branding:

You can help people by explaining your own life story including the hurdles, happiness, achievements worth to share. Make sure that the story must be real as there is no attraction in the fake ones at all. People will find interest in your life, get help to improve theirs’s and automatically you will become famous on the internet sheet four you true tales.


Vlogging can be a factor of joy for you when you are about to start a vlog make sure that people want something entertaining. Feel your audience and try to act in the same way, better results will come to your door automatically.

Earn money:

Making videos and posting it on the vlogs can bring dollars to you. However, it requires a small investment to buy the best vlogging camera. The more attractive your video is; the more audience will find a chance to view which in turn causes more traffic on your vlog will undoubtedly bring more pennies to your piggy bank.

I think these benefits make a significant impact on one’s life. Don’t you think the same?

Oh, come on! I know you are curious about blogging because you also want to get benefitted. Okay let’s discuss:

How to start vlogging?

Before you jump into the ring of vlogging, it is essential for you to consider all the aspects are needing for this. You must be knowing that before starting a business you make a rough strategy on a paper and then do the further amendments in it according to your research. Same is in the vlogging, consider it as an ordinary business, but here you have to work with full joy and fresh mind. If you are interested in taking the best start with no confusion, just take a paper pen and start noting down what I am going to explain in the next few paragraphs.

  1. Plan to Vlog:

Before you initiate on a vlog, note down some questions you wanted to ask yourself about vlogging say:

  • Why are you vlogging?
  • What is your niche/interest to be selected?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What makes you different from other Vloggers?
  • How much you dedicated towards the task?
  • And how much time you can give to your channel?

These are the fundamental questions one needs to answer in a sufficiently detailed pattern. Because this makes you realize the fact that how long you are going to run this job P.s That matters! Answer the question one by one with the true sense and elaborate your every inconvenience so that you know your current level to step ahead. Niche is something that proves to be the building block your vlog channel so that must be real of your interest.

  1. Suggest a Unique Name

Well, this part is quite noticing because it makes your vlog recognized among the others by Google. So this must be unique and easy. By the word UNIQUE I mean to say that it’s not copied from any other site’s name and if it is? Then go back to the paper pen stage and brainstorm again to make a new name which represents your niche. From EASY I mean that it is easily readable by the person of any standard. For this, you can recall the answer to the question “Who is your audience?”.

Let say I am interested in sports and love to play table tennis/ping pong. I can choose whether to make a video of the specific competition or to give the product review of ping pong. So for this, I make a general name for my channel, i.e., best sport products reviews.

  1. Train yourself to bring good on camera vlog:

Before taking starter vlogging camera in hand to shoot a video first collect the material and then make a rough script so that you won’t miss any point while speaking. You should have to practice the speech and other items which you are going to present. For this, I guess mirror will prove to be your best friend as it never lies. 😛  Other than that, your overall appearance matter a lot. If you are dressed gently, it will be sure that your point might get consideration for your viewers.

  1. Select the best camera for video blogging:

This should come before the point number three, but the reason for mentioning it after that is now you know yourself that how much you are good at delivering your speech with great personality looks. Keeping that in mind, search for the best cameras for vlogging and blogging or best cameras to vlog. Read the product reviews, research for the item and then add it to your buying list. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will explain the critical points which need to be considered before purchasing vlogging cameras. If you are running with time, then skip this content and jump to read them.

But for the need of this subtopic, three factors should be careful while making a video from the vlogging camera.

High definition color quality:

The first thing you need to think about is defining the quality of colors by the camera.  If the proportion of the colors is HD which makes one capture the view in day or night with complete focus will make the viewers to get attracted. Roundabout 40% of the video is affected by the color quality.

Clear sound:

Now, this is the point we cannot ignore. Of course, if the viewer comes to your vlog expects to view and hear something exciting and bright, I repeat INTERESTING and CLEAR. I think you got my point from the word “clear” that if a video has the Shurr Shurr sound at the back, the sound lags behind the imagery or can say not hearable will automatically bother the viewer and shows him a bye bye hand to leave your vlog.

Adjustments of settings:

Settings should be so genuine and easy that would not bother you every time you make a video. Top cameras for vlogging usually have the same settings, but it is up to your choice that how you will customize them according to your preference.

  • Brightness should be not so much high.
  • A moderate saturation and temperature should be set.
  • Too much lightening will annoy the viewer and make you look like a ghost.
  • Choose what, which makes you look good and clear.
  • Do same for the sound settings.

Editing your Video:

Now when you are done with a video shot, comes the most technical point. If you are a good video editor than I must say you are lucky in this case. But if not, then you have to study the fundamental editing for yourself and if you can manage to outsource. Then it is a far better option if you can’t do it yourself. Well if I suggest, so try to learn video editing and do it yourself as one can better understand the work he has done.

Post your Video:

After accomplishing all these steps, you are now much closer to the target. The thing is that you have to upload what you have created and edited with a short or long description depending upon your choice with a proper distribution of the related focus keywords in the content.

Social Sharing:

Do social sharing of your video that brings much more traffic to your vlog which can monetize into the money and makes you happy and happier. There are some other points that most YouTubers think about for the vlogs after these basic ones.

Now when you have all the basic points related to “HOW TO CREATE A VLOG?”. Some tricks are also waiting for you to share which can boost up the traffic and income.

Tips for Vlogging at best:

You will find the ultimate guide and best camcorder for vlogging in complete detail here. There are some factors which make a significant difference if adopted in the strategies set for your vlog. This can prove to make you outstanding among other vloggers for sure.

Good Quality Vlogging Camera:

Now, this is what we can’t ignore. As I mentioned before in the subtopic, i.e., “selecting the best vlogging camera,” this factor offers the core impact on your video. It is evident that when a video with good quality and clear sound will show off on more screens for more time than the ones with low-quality video and audio. You might be worried that what should the best product which handles all the sets of making a great video.

No worries further!

Here you will find the details about the famous companies which makes the best vlog cameras and also the well-researched and honest product reviews for the cameras used for vlogging. Some of the editor’s pick are mentioned below which proves the high quality and reasonable to buy:

A place to setup:

When you are about to shoot a film or a short documentary, the thing which should come at the first notice the best point and shoot for vlogging. Place in the background can grab the whole attention as the viewer wishes to see the beautiful and refreshing view. It is important that the area must suit your background site display. Let say if I am making a video on a ping pong table, it will look cool if I am shooting the video on the tennis court. Plus, if someone is playing at the back and I am giving the speech on my topic related to that will surely make an edge.

Coming soon:

As the name shows… It makes the curiosity level high in the viewers that WHAT’S NEXT? You can use any other phrase like TO CONTINUE at the end of the video or just bring a promo of the video you going to upload soon. The suspense factor brings the urge in the viewers to wait for which boom you are going to show.

These tips used by most of the famous vloggers which say that by implementing these steps in their strategies brings a drastic change in the graphs of traffic from low to high. Hashtag it will increment on a daily basis for sure.

Top 5 Vloggers

As up till now, you are much familiar with a term that WHAT IS VLOGGING? Knowing its benefits will surely have boosted you up to go for this interesting work. To keep you motivated, let me share some top names in the vlogging world who are making an island in the sun for this job.

#1 Nigahiga:

It’s a name of a funny videos youtube channel by the famous vlogger Ryan Higa native of Hawaii, who collects up the funny stuff from the daily routine of people. He makes the sketches and music videos which show his viewers as if he is discussing their lives. This factor makes the urge to the audience to view his funny videos again and again.

#2 Fred’s Channel

You might be thinking that as name shows, it would be the channel of Fred? Emmm! Can say but Fred is no more a real person but a fictional character sketched by Lucas Cruikshank. Lucas has drawn this character to resolve the issues faced and created by kids from the mental level of kids. That is why he has designed Fred to be a boy which indirectly address the kids by their acts most funnily and sarcastically.

#3 Smosh

Well, this is a shared channel run by two famous vloggers named Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox having almost 1.4 million subscribers on their channel. The point in which their channel outstands among others is that they make the parodies of the famous movies like Twilight and kung fu. Although they make the funny sketches and upload their videos schedule on their YouTube channel.

#4 Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson comes at the fourth place which has received the award of best vlogger at the Streamy awards. He is famous to make funny videos same as the vloggers mentioned above. The thing in his work which sets him apart from the others is that he does video blogging most conventionally and upload the videos schedulable on his YouTube channel named as ShaneDawsonTV.

#5 Equals three

Channel owned by Ray William Johnson with almost 1.1 million subscribers. The name Equal three is for the Ray, William and Johnson for their videos. He just sits in front of the vlogging camera and makes the funny videos for entertaining his viewers by posting his videos twice a week.

All these successful vloggers are earning a high amount from their channels. The primary thing which viewers like them to see a clear-cut image quality and a transparent sound with no lagging. This contributes to almost 50% of the charm of the video. The remaining 50% depends upon how you present it. So for taking the initiative, one must think that for good image or video quality, a good vlogging camera must be in hand. Right?

There are many companies which are in the race to make the best products, especially which is trending at this time. Come along to go through them:

Famous Companies to make the Best Vlogging Camera:

People go for brands because they think that it will support them on a long-term basis. Well, I am happy to say that they believe right. A brand which makes the product is responsible for every specification it offers in the product. Plus, if something proves to be wrong, it will directly affect the name of the brand which the company can’t afford at any cost. Same as in the case of cameras. If you buy a branded camera, you will feel relax somewhere inside that this will not cause any blunder for you. In an exceptional case if it does, then the company will be responsible for the fault. However, the small company does not support their customers with this much relation. Some of the big camera making companies are listed:


I cannot say that you are familiar with this name because you are a photographer. No! A layman also knows this name because it has proven itself in the tech market. Most of the professional photographers recommend buying the cameras from Cannon as the image stability and quality is outstanding. Plus, the company launches many products one after the other with an updated version in the best practical manner according to the demands of people.


One of the familiar and most famous companies to make the best gadgets. However, Sony has made different products other than cameras like TVs, Laptops and even mobile phones. It considered worldwide to produce outstanding products in every field. Sony DSLRs focuses on the lens quality too much to bring the high definition of colors and deep information about the thing which captured. This can prove as a good brand to make good quality cameras for blogging.


Panasonic same as the Sony company make a lot of products other than cameras, and in each of their products, high image quality considered as the first preference. These cameras come in different sizes of body and lens as well. To place Panasonic on the list of the leading companies to produce the compact vlogging cameras will be genuinely fair.

Go Pro:

As the name itself defines that it will help you to sketch out the fully professional videos. Most of the vloggers use cameras of this company because it provides the handy products with ultra-specifications.


Another company on the list of the top brands making the best vlogging cameras is Nikon. Same as Canon, Nikon also has defined itself in the field of making good quality cameras very well. Most of the professional photographers for capturing scenes and short filmmakers for making documentaries use Nikon products.

Now as you know which companies are ruling the photography world, it will be quite easy for you to access their stores. The thing which pinches you right away that if you reach their stores, what points you should consider while making a purchase. Like what should be there in the product that deals with yours as well as the viewer’s demands. So here we discuss them in detail.

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What Facts to Look for in a Best Vlogging Camera:

Before buying a camera, one must not only considers the features of the product to buy but also what one wants and what don’t. By this, I mean that some of the photographers do not expect to have few features of the product because they don’t use them. It will be better to buy what which suits your needs. It has a plus point of low price with the best efficient quality of characteristics needed.

Features Vloggers Don’t Expect to have in Camera:


This characteristic is far more important for the photographers which shoots the areas like a forest or dense streets blah blah. Like somewhat taking a snap from the far end. But currently, as we are discussing vlogging than you must be knowing the fact that usually most of the vlogger don’t go for zooming effect in the cameras. Why? Because most of the vlog videos are front faced means, the vloggers simply sit in front of the camera and start shooting. This shows that the features required in the camera depend upon the area of job in which you are going to show your expertise.


Now, this can also ignore because when the vloggers make the videos in which they show themselves from the front like the selfie videos. This kind of videos does not require a flash because this looks odd when subjected to your face. Mostly vlogger avoid having the cameras which have the auto flash feature.


Here this feature mostly considered by the photographers because they want the high definition in the colors and excellent distribution of light among the pixels. But in case of vlogging, this point ignored. We cannot say that neglecting megapixel feature is right because in the video its required up to some extent but not as such as in the image expected by the professional photographer.

 Points to Consider Before Making a Purchase:

Now when you cleared that the features mentioned above are not necessary to be present in the camera. The characteristics which make a vlogging camera great now described below:

Camera Type:

The first point you should consider when you are going to buy the vlog camera is its TYPE. Like which type of camera you expect to work with. If you are making the travel vlogs so you must go for that camera which covers the long distances with great focus quality. Point and shoot camera automatically adjusts the focus and is user-friendly. For great and versatile resolution then go for a DSLR because you can change the lens according to the scene.


Now comes the point where you can determine the status of your credibility to do the task as well as to see your pocket. If you are a newbie to vlogging world than I suggest to go for an average cost camera because if you buy an expensive one at the start and find it too difficult to adjust according to your choice than it might be possible to maintain the interest in your job. Once you become a pro than must buy an expensive product with additional features because then you will be able to handle that according to the video requirements.

Image Quality:

Image quality is an essential part which every photographer or even a vlogger don’t overlook. Quality of an image can determine the number of pixels a camera has. Variance in the pixels displays the noticeable change in the quality of an image. If the camera has a greater number of pixels, then it is obvious that quality must be good too. On the other side low pixel number renders the quality.

Most of the YouTubers or can say the vloggers which post their videos on different vlogging platforms use those vlog cameras which has a pixel count of almost 1080. These cameras are readily available in the stores however if you are in a hurry just skip this part and find the best vlogging cameras with great image quality and additional specifications.


The weight of camera should be light. Its commonly understood if you use a heavy weight camera, it may get misbalanced causing blur imagery or make you uncomfortable while using an extended arm. However, most of the vloggers use the tripod stand along with the camera so that they place it and make their video. Anyhow, most of the cameras are lightweight, and you should also prefer going for less weight because it is easy to carry.

Stabilization of Image:

This is what most newbies are not familiar with but when they get into the field of vlogging, come to know that how much image stabilization is important. By the word “Image Stabilization” means that quality of a camera which prevents the blurring and ghosting effect when you make a video while running or do the sudden movement. Camera lost it stability when a sudden movement occurs; the focus gets disturbed causing a blurred image. Going for a camera which has this feature inbuilt would be the best decision.

Audio Quality:

If you are about to start a vlog or make a video, just to share with friends. It will be difficult for your audience to watch your video with no sound or sound with extra voices. Your idea will not deliver to them in a perfect way, so whats the use of making a vlog then? Noise can ruin your whole video, so it’s better to cut this issue from the bud. Cameras usually have an inbuilt mic which covers the expected as well as not expected sound. If I suggest, you must go for a camera which has an audio jack so that you can set mic of your choice.

Frame Rate:

Considering frame rate makes you think like a professional because this is the thing for which you have to research a bit. It all depends upon the idea behind the video you are going to make like sports, home remedies, product reviews, dance or personal videos. Each of which requires a different framework, so better to select a camera which has sufficient amount of frames that can be suitable for most of them. High frame rate camera proves to be good enough for every job.


The lens is an important part of the camera which works for focusing and resolution purposes of a video or an image. Cameras usually come along with the fitted lens which can be good enough for the random use. But if you wish to shoot on a place in which you want to capture the distant scene, so lens should be according to that. Plus, the point is that camera lens can upgrade according to your need just you have to buy different lenses for close and far resolution.


All the features won’t work if your camera does not support a long-term battery. So the first most point you should ask while making a purchase is the charging capacity and time. Usually, cameras come with an additional battery, but some don’t. It will be good if the camera has the removable battery because if it runs out of charge. You will be able to replace it with the charged one.

High/Low-light Performance:

It all depends on you that how you want to make your videos on a regular basis. Well in the start no one can estimate this part as if he is going to make the video in the low or high light. So you have to ask for the ISO range of the camera because a camera with big ISO range can work with the low as well as the highlight performance.

Now you are at the stage where you know about 70% of the topic of discussion. If you are a professional, then simply ignore the upcoming two topics i.e., “Starter’s Vlogging Cameras” and “How to Use a Vlogging Camera?” and jump straight towards the “Top Vlogging Cameras of all times.” But if you are truly new to this field, better be here and note every point keenly.

Here we go!

Starter’s Vlogging Camera Beginner Guide:

If you are reading it, then you must be a fresher. Not to worry as you will find here the complete guide to buy which camera prove to be best for you. Video making is something trending now a day which is flexible because anyone who has even a bit interest can join and can get success. Everyone has either no knowledge or little information about what he is going to do in practice at the initial stages of any job.  Same is the case with vlogging.

It is not important that one should buy a DSLR at the beginning of the career as it might be possible that he will find it difficult to use and could not be able to make the standard videos. Someone not knows should go for those cameras which made for the beginners. These cameras don’t have complex settings and can easily get handy by its user. This doesn’t mean that you always stick to the same beginner camera but to upgrade it as you get more information on how to use the advanced gadget with ease.

It is not necessary that an advanced version of the camera always shoots well. I am not saying that it won’t; but your creativity, idea to present, location and the way you handle the camera also has an equal share to get the viewers on your vlog. Making professional videos needs a proper learning and practice. After that, you can make good enough videos by using even normal cameras. But to offer the perfection, your creativity plus the high-quality camera is the perfect combination.

Now you are clear about the fact that which type of cameras should you buy at this moment. Simple check out the list of the Best Vlog Cameras for Beginners and pick the best one for you. Let us begin with learning:

How to Use a Vlogging Camera?

Suppose you have bought a camera of your choice. Now the question arises that, are you able to use it or you know how to use it? Well for the first case, simply keep on reading and noticing the step by step learning process. I will go on generally to describe the basic settings you should know once you have the camera.

Every camera has certain default options. Therefore, I have selected five (5) of them that every modern camera has, that you should know.

So let’s get started:

No. 1 Image Quality Settings:

By default, just about every camera you take out of the box set to capture the photos or make a video is JPEG. There is nothing inherently wrong with this especially if you are going to store as many photos and videos as possible on your memory card. It could something easily overlooked. This is especially true when you intend to shoot in RAW which typically the other image quality setting that found in almost every modern camera.

If, however, you intend on using JPEG, sure to select the correct image size which usually represented as large, medium, small or low, fine and extra fine on cameras. This will determine the quality and the size of the screen for the video and image that you create.

No. 2 EV Compensation:

EV stands for Exposure Value. Think of it is a quick and easy way to either brighten or darken an exposure beyond with a camera itself meters far automatically. Some cameras have the physical dial to control this while some present this control digitally and others have both options. EV Compensation usually represented as the plus (+) sign and minus (-) sign which stops in one-third increment.

No. 3 Flash EV Compensation:

The flash EV compensation follows the very same principle as the standard exposure value compensation that we have just discussed. This is most beneficial for the cameras with built-in flashes but is also applicable to flashes and strobes that you connect through your camera’s hot shoe or wirelessly. Instead of adjusting the exposure of the photo flash EV controls the intensity of the light produced by the flash, dial up the flash EV to make the flash flare a brighter light and dial it down to back off on that light strength. If you don’t want any compensation to the flash strength, you can set it to zero.

No. 4 Metering Mode:

There are few ways to let your camera determine what the optimal exposure settings would be. This done using metering modes. Each manufacturer has their way of referencing these modes, but they all use the same techniques, i.e., the most common multi center-weighted and spot metering. Evaluative or multi metering is typically the default settings on most of the cameras that tell the camera to analyze the entire scene and use its best judgment to get a correct exposure.

Center-weighted metering tells the camera to focus on the center of whatever the lens is pointing at and reference a small area outside of that to get the correct exposure settings. Spot metering allows you to position a rectangle on a particular area in your scene and instructs them to get the exposure settings for that particular spot.

No.5 Focus Magnifier:

One of the great advantages of having a camera with an LCD is that you can control digital magnification to zoom in on an area that you want to focus on. Using this, you will find the rectangular box on the screen which you can adjust in the specified area which you want to focus on.

These are the five major settings which you should know before you start shooting a video. I am sure that when you know these settings, further can easily adjust. As you do with How to use a vlogging camera?  Now you are ready to select one for yours. I have done extensive research on the best quality and Best vlogging camera among which I have made their best picks.

Let’s check them out:


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