Here is the Best Laptop Buying Guide for You if You Are a student?


Ok, you might be a businessman?


Or you may be a doctor?

Anyway whatever profession you are in, it is written on a rock “The undelete words” that if a Professional is without a LAPTOP, he/she is just like an empty shell. Here is a best Laptop Buying Guide for You.

Do you know what the meaning of word LAPTOP is?

A Laptop is a computer that is portable and suitable for use while you are traveling having power source as a battery that can be recharged.

Why should I have a LAPTOP?

Well, there are lots of reasons that you must have a LAPTOP, it does not mean that you may not have a desktop, but LAPTOP is a very handful for many reasons like following.

  • Laptops are portable.
  • A laptop is a space saver.
  • Laptops have better LCD screens.
  • Laptops are easier to work on.
  • USB can be accessed via Laptops very easily.
  • The keyboards are easier.
  • Laptops are energy savers.
  • Laptops have better resale value.
  • They can be upgraded.
  • You can check out a hot new site advertised on TV instantly from your couch.

And a lot of other reasons which makes Laptop a suitable and very handy equipment you must have on hand in this modern world.

You may have questions in your mind like when the first laptop was announced, or who invented it etc. So let us find out some answers to such type of questions.

1: Who invented the Laptop?

The first laptop invention is not that old. It was invented in 1979 by the British Designer whose name is “Bill Moggridge.” The company named “GRiD Systems Corporation” helped the British designer to improve his design. GRiD made the product with a fold-down display that covered the keyboard. It was called the Grid Compass.

2: When was the first laptop announced?

It was released in 1981 called the name “The Osborne 1”, Zilog Z80 microprocessor was used, and its weighed was 23.6 pounds (10.7 kg).

It was without battery, The screen was 5 in (13 cm) CRT, and had a dual 5.25 in (13.3 cm) single-density floppy drives. In the same year, the Epson HX-20 was announced which become the first laptop-sized portable computer.

3: Why is a LAPTOP named Laptop?

It’s called a laptop because they can fit on the top of your lap. No, you don’t have to put it on your lap eventually, but that’s where it got its name. It’s actually quite distinctly different from a desktop.

4: When did the Laptop become popular?

By the end of the 1980’s, the laptop computers were starting to become in the community of businessman. The COMPAQ Company was the debutant of the laptop computer when they prepared the first laptop model SLT/286 that was able to support the internal hard drive and VGA compatible LCD screen in 1988. The weight of that laptop was 14lbs.

5: Why is a Laptop better than a desktop?

Well, we cannot say that Laptops are better or desktops are better, but the best way to explain it is that if a person is a constant traveler then laptop suits him and if not then he/she may prefer a desktop. But there are some things which conclude the laptops on higher priority.

Like besides that laptops are portable, has a battery, can be placed in a small space, they are upgradable, have a good LCD screen, has good looking etc or on the other hand, it is expensive than the desktop. All these pros and cons are on one side, but it is the fact that laptops are more convenient than desktop.

6: How do you build a Laptop?

Well, to build a laptop or upgrade a laptop you must know the reasons, the things to keep in your mind.  First, you have to decide what the upgrade purpose is? Then you have to choose the brand you prefer. You will determine the processor, shell, hard drive, graphics card, optical drive, battery cells, screen size and maybe other things.

Then you will see the final amount as well. So primarily the up gradation of your laptop or building your laptop depends upon your overall requirements.

Are you looking to buy a Laptop?

If you are tight on budget and you are looking for a computer for basic web browsing and just for watching 720P videos then a laptop worth 200 dollars will fulfill your requirements.

In this price range, you can also use for chrome book but keep in mind that Chromebook needs an internet connection even just to boot. So if you do not have an internet connection, then these Chromebooks are not the one for you.

Keep in mind that these laptops are for simple light usage. If you want to do some basic computing like managing spreadsheets, word-processing, Presentation or even playing some bright graphics casual games then a laptop under 400 dollars will just be suitable, but if you want some more or sour, then something like 550 dollars will also do the trick.

Now if you ‘re going to do gaming at mid to high settings a laptop under 800 dollars will be pretty good. If your work involves a touch screen like drawing plans or anything like that, then any touch screen left up under 1000 dollars will do the job.

If you want a laptop powerful and light in weight as well to carry with you anywhere quickly and want to play high graphics games, multi-layer PhotoShopping or some 4k video editing a Laptop under 2000 dollars will be pretty good.

Tips to buy a Laptop

  • Look for the latest six or seven generation processors.
  • Never go with something like before the fifth generation processors.
  • Get a laptop which is at least i3, A8 or A10 or at least Pentium under 500 dollars.
  • Go for i5 which is under $1500 or go for i7 under dollar 2000.
  • When buying under $500 doesn’t go with laptop having less than 4GB RAM memory.
  • When buying under $1000 don’t go with the laptop having less than 8GB of RAM.
  • Also when your ‘s buying range is under $2000 then don’t go with the laptop having less than 16GB of RAM.
  • Looking at storage space, you must see whether it is solid state drive also known as the SSD or conventional hard disk known as H Hp.
  • SSD provides faster transfer rates, but a hard disk offers more storage for a given price. We recommend getting the SSD because it makes the system faster.


How to choose the best laptop? Ultimate Laptop buying guide

Here, we would like to give you some essential and comprehensive guidance in buying a laptop whether you are a business owner, whether you are a traveler, or whether you are a student.

  • Look at your budget:

One of the first immediate things you have to figure out when are going to buy a laptop is that what is your budget is. Your budget will dictate everything else for the most part.

It will dictate everything from the power and specs to whether you get a windows laptop or a Mac, the budget does matter. And you have to figure that out before anything else. Whatever your other preferences are, whatever you think to do with this, it doesn’t matter if you have the budget for it.

If your budget is under $500 or $600, you are going to get a budget laptop. On a budget laptop, you are going to make a couple of compromises and sacrifices. The first sacrifice you will be going to make is the GPU. You are not going to get a dedicated video graphics card. Which means that if you are buying this laptop for gaming or very high-end video editing in mind, then it is probably not going to be an option.

You also probably are going to have a limited 8GB of RAM. It means if you are going to do super intensive graphics or image manipulation, special effects, that’s kind of off the table. You can do some these things at a very general level, like some of the stuff the people do on their YouTube channel that includes video editing, color grading, Photoshop for print, web, digital, etc.

You can do all these kind of stuff on a budget laptop as these people doing it that way on and off for years, and it works out just fine. So if you are sacrificing the graphics card and you are settling for 8GB of RAM, you must understand that you can still be going to do the high-end professional work on such a laptop.

It just may not be as faster as you like or comfortable with, but can still get the job done, and will work out for you. Again, if you are not playing video games, a dedicated graphics card doesn’t matter as much. If you are not rendering or editing 4K video, a dedicated graphics card just doesn’t matter as far.

Will the experience be better?


But if you don’t have the budget for it, you just don’t have the budget for it. That’s it! ;).

  • Must look for latest Processor even with the low budget:

In this price range from 500 to 600 dollars, you can still get a great processor, though, and that’s going to affect more of your productivity than anything else.  If you at least have six to eight gigs of RAM in there, you will be fine.

So, what that will get you is probably an i5 or i7 processor.

Those processors are going to be capable of letting you run multiple apps at once or, you know, you are going to be able to at least export video at a decent speed, if that’s something you are doing. Or you are going to edit photos, images that are going to be fine as well.

If you are just browsing the web, or if you are using word processing applications, or some very light, basic editing apps for making presentations, then you are more than fine with this.

It’s ok, you do not have to spend a thousand dollars plus. If all you are doing is the office work, Yep, that’s the bottom line, here. These budget machines, in most cases, if you get a 15 or 13-inch laptop tend to be a little heavier, they tend to be a little bulkier, and that’s another one of the trade-offs for the price.

  • Hard Drive & Screen Size:

The other trade-off is the hard drive. The hard drive will usually be an old-school spinning hard drive. It won’t be super fast, and it will probably add a little bit of extra weight to the laptop. So just keep these kinds of things in mind.

If you go much lower than that this is something we should recommend only for students, if you are going to get $300 or less laptop, you are going to save most of your work in the cloud, and it’s going to be smaller. You may talk about an 11 inch, 12 inches or 13-inch laptop, so if that is your budget, and also you are a student, and you are just browsing the web and doing basic assignments, you’re doing power-points and word stuff, then that’s okay. But if you are going to do anything more intense than that, then you have to invest more money.

If you are doing a lot of traveling, you might want to invest in Ultrabook. For this, we will suggest something like Dell XPS 13. This ultrabook has the 11-inch form factor and a 13-inch screen. This one is a great travel laptop, and you can easily take it with you everywhere, and you will be delighted with it.

You can get any travel laptop which you need of, and for this reason, a popular option is the MacBook Air.

Now, before we get more into Mac versus PC side of this, we want to give you a rundown on travel laptops and Ultrabooks in general. So let’s cover that first.

Defining a travel laptop in an Ultrabook means that this laptop has a focus on being very lightweight, and having a large battery life. In term of battery life, you are looking for something that can last 8, 10, 12 hours or more, depending on the configuration you get.

  • Look for Battery Time:

The Dell Ultrabooks actually can go up to 18 hours of battery time. Right now two of the most popular Ultrabooks are the Dell XPS 13 as well as the MacBook Air.

  • Weight Matters a lot if travelling:

What you need to know about Ultrabooks and travel laptop is that the weight matters. It matters a lot, but so does the built quality and durability, because these are means of travels.

Regarding Spec, it comes down to what you are doing. For example, if someone needs to be able to continue photography, and video editing and all those things on the go because of the nature of his/her work. But for most people that will not be the case for them. So getting a travel laptop or an ultrabook that has four or eight gigs of RAM is going to be fine for them.

Another popular travel laptop right now is their 12-inch MacBook, the revival of that product line. This is still a great device, don’t take us wrong, but it does have a lot of sacrifices for features you will not see in other travel laptops, the primary one being the lack of USB ports.

It does have a USB-C port which there is not a lot of devices that are very compatible with that right now, and you will end up buying an adaptor. And this is already an expensive machine.

When it comes to travel laptops, you have to think about power, and you have to think about weight, but you do also to think about how it works with your accessories. So you have to make sure that you have travel accessories to go with these.

Bluetooth & USB Ports:

You need to make sure that Bluetooth is a priority for you and that at least have two USB ports that you can utilize, maybe you want to get a USB hub. That’s important you also want to look at the keyboard form factor and figure out whether that’s comfortable for you. Screen sizes and resolution matters as well.

So you have to make sure that it has a great display that’s high resolution and you might even want to make sure that it’s IPS which means that you can see it from multiple angles no matter how you tilt the screen, it will be a good experience for you.

These things absolutely matter when you are talking about ultrabook and travel laptop. Again, where the budget is concerned, you know, this gets a little pricey sometimes. The MacBook Air product line is very pricey, we think for what you get. The MacBook Air’s display is not great.

  • Brands comparison:

The new MacBook display is fantastic, but the tradeoff there is you don’t have a lot of the features and the accessory capabilities that you have based on a lack of USB ports, the lack of display ports, etc. So we would still say that the MacBook Air in many cases is still superior in our mind, for a practicality to the Macbook, but beyond both of them, we would say something like the Dell XPS or even the Asus line of ZenBooks could be a little better.

It all really just comes down to what you need. And like we said, the budget is usually the thing that decides whether or not somebody’s going to go with a Mac or a PC, but it’s not the only consideration when picking a laptop or gaming monitor or anything that you are doing.

If you have a budget to get a Mac, and you really love the experience, then you absolutely should, but only if you have the budget. If you really need to get some work done or you need something done, and you feel like you want the most bang for your buck, do not feel compared to get a Mac just because what you are hearing in the marketplace for the user experience.

There are beautiful laptops from a lot of companies including ASUS and DELL and they look just as beautiful and have just as great an experience as a Mac when it comes to the hardware and performance.

The operating system is where a lot of people decide to draw a line in the sand. And as someone who uses both Windows and Mac every single day, we can tell you that the experience of Windows 10 is not that bad and you do get some things that you don’t get with the Mac OS currently.

Currently, the Mac OS has no voice activated features, and that is kind of something very interesting considering the amazing job they did with Siri for the iOS. We are really upset that the Mac Operating system for both i.e. laptop and desktops does not have voice activated features like Siri, but the windows laptops absolutely do via Cortina.

And Windows 10 users can be taking advantage of this to set reminders on My Calendar and to just utilize the feature for productivity. It’s been tremendous and we think that experience is something that is lacking on the Mac laptops and desktops.

That being said, the clean and unified interface of the Mac as compatibility with your other mobile accessories does give it an edge there versus windows. Almost nobody using windows phone, let us just be honest about that. So, if you are already invested in the Mac ecosystem and in iOS very heavily, then you might take that into consideration when you are purchasing a laptop and choosing the Mac.

So, just take that with a grain of salt and make an informed decision based on what suits your preferences, the hardware ecosystem that you are comfortable with, the software that you prefer.

Make Decisions that counts:

You have to make that decision for yourself, but budget and the practicality of productivity side can weigh into this just based on whether or not you are doing business or whatever your creative capabilities are, or just what you are really comfortable with. If you are looking for a desktop replacement, the MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops on the market, hands down.

But it’s not the only option out there. As we said, the Asus Zenbook is tremendous, and so as the Dell XPS 13 as well as the XPS 15. We don’t necessarily consider the XPS 13 a true desktop replacement because it does prioritize portability and power, and it does not lack in performance if you spec it out high enough.

But at that price range, you are entering the arena where it might be more practical to go with a 15-inch model like the MacBook Pro or like the Dell XPS 15 infinity. So, we think that those are some of the better options. Obviously, you can get an Asus Laptop as well. And they have some tremendous options.

When you are looking for some real work done, the MacBook Pro is, Asus is, so is the Dell XPS 15. They are great laptops and can crush video editing, they can crush Photoshop, and they can crush After Effects. You can even get some 3D artwork and rendering done on them.

So we think that these are fantastic options if you are looking for a laptop. Regarding specs, you should be looking at going with between eight and sixteen gigs of RAM. We will always go to prefer 16 gigs of RAM.

RAM Vs Processor:

We know that the adobe and the Autodesk and all the other high-intensity software’s out there for creative development take up RAM. They are RAM hogs. And they also eat up processing power. You may want an i7 quad-core processor in whatever machine you are getting if that’s the type of work you are doing. And if you are not doing that type of work, these machines frankly, are overkill.

You can get something under $1000 if you are not doing high-level production work. If you are not doing photo editing, video editing a ton of money and not get one of these fancy laptops.

We wish you would. J


For the price difference, you could get so many great accessories; you could invest in your software. So we think you just need to look at practicality when buying a laptop and not worry about the optics or impressing people.

You are here to use this thing to get work done, for the most part anyway. The entry-level MacBook Pro models are using integrated graphics from Intel. They are using Intel Iris and the Intel Iris Pro, but remember these are still integrated graphics, and they are on the motherboard.

They are not a dedicated screen graphics card like you would get from AMD or Invidia.  So that is an entry level weakness of the MacBook Pro product line. However, the most expensive models do have the dedicated GPU, and we think those go up to two gigs of RAM in most cases, usually from AMD or Invidia, just depending on what you are getting.

In the MacBook Line, as far as MacBook Pros, we are almost positive it’s still Invidia. We do know that in the desktop models, they moved to AMD. So, you will just have to confirm which one of those you are getting based on what year you are buying the laptop from.

Second-Hand Macbook for low budget people:

Remember refurbed MacBook Pros are still fantastic. So if you want to get one of the older models, it’s a great deal and can save a ton of money by doing that. Competitively though, same price point, you can get something more powerful in a windows laptop if you are okay with the operating system.

So again feel like you can get whatever you feel you need to based on the performance, the specs, the hardware, and if you are ok with the user experience, then you know, have at it and save a couple of bucks and get more for your money, get the real value out of it.

But again, when you are buying these things, if you are doing the type of work like someone is doing, the type of work we are talking about here mostly like video editing, photo manipulation, those kinds of things, i7 processor, 16 gigs of RAM, maybe a dedicated graphics card, or at least an Intel Iris or Iris Pro would be beneficial.

Hard Drives Matters a lot:

The SSD hard drives, solid-state drives, those actually matter because it will be faster for your data transfers, boot times, and it can really improve your user experience, and it will give you peace of mind, because the laptop will last a little bit longer and it will be able to take impact better.

Look for Display:

The display of these is fantastic. With the MacBook line, you are getting Retina display, and it can export true 4k resolution to an external monitor. With the Dell and Asus models you get the same thing, so that is something to keep in mind.

What we will say about the new Dell models is that they are packing thunderbolt three capabilities. So if you want a future proof, if you need high-speed transfers to external drives that can be something to consider.

Do you want a Laptops for Entertainment purpose only?

For those of you who are using your laptops for entertainment purposes like just watching videos, surfing the web, gaming, it really just depends on how intense you are trying to go here, because the reality is for most of these things, you can still do it for under $500 or $1000 but it just depends on what experience you want.

If you are a gamer, obviously you will want to go on the top end, and that might not even be an option for you considering that a lot of the games don’t work on the Mac operating system, or are not available. So, that is something that you have to keep in mind, again if you are someone who’s more casual, though.

Want Real gaming experience at the low price?

Obviously, we are not the big gamers now ;), you could get by on a $500, $600 laptop, and you just won’t have the ultra settings or anything like that. And it can still be a great machine for you for everything else, including watching movies on Netflix or surfing the web and playing the casual game of star wars or republic or StarCraft the way that a gamer might do, so that is something that you can get away with on a budget and save a ton of money.

But if you are trying to do quote-unquote real gaming, or whatever it is, they may be a laptop like the Razer would be good for you. Maybe an ASUS ROG, republic of gamers, maybe that model of laptop would be better for you.

We have a lot of friends who actually do that and that also doubles as their video editing and Photoshop machine. So if that’s the kind of thing is that what you are doing, then those could be a great solution for you.


Our Consideration:

Now, what we will say is that displays and graphics cards do matter. When it comes gaming and getting those ultra high case settings. So you want to get a graphics card in your laptop that has somewhere from two or four gigs of dedicated memory for the video, so that’s something that’s going to be super important for you.

We would say steer for 16 gigs of RAM. Eight, you can get by, but you are really going to want 16 gigs. You will want to have solid state drives in there, so make sure you are looking for that, and i7 processor.

You know, there is no point in really having a conversation. If you are talking about the high-end gaming without those specs as your minimum. 4K is a kind of take it or leaves it kind of thing.

It’s really up to you. 😉

Refresh Rate:

The big thing here is the refresh rates.  You want those to be higher. Again we think ASUS ROG’s, Republic of gamers, are a good option for that. The ASUS Zenbooks actually is a pretty decent gaming machine as well. Dell can actually handle gaming. Alienware is something a lot of you are interested in.

Final Words:

But, again one of the best options out there are Razer or Razer Blade. So those are pretty cool. Now, again we are not good at gaming, so our information on this will be very general. If you want to get more specific information, go deep on that then you probably need to talk to somebody who is an expert at that and is very current on those things.

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